Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Milo's first photo shoot

When Milo was 2 weeks old, we had his pictures taken by my very good friend Amanda Gregory. She did an EXCELLENT job. I couldn't pick just a few to post, so you'll just have to look at and love all of them.

This one is out of order because it is our favorite. Isn't he just so stinking cute?! He looks JUST like his daddy. I love it. He makes me so happy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How can you expect me to get anything done?!

I am loooong over due for a blog update. I have 2 months worth of the cutest pictures of the cutest kid. But how can you expect me to get to it, when I have this cute kid to hold and kiss and cuddle that smiles back at me and is trying his hardest to laugh and giggle :)

 He has super blond hair and a whole bunch of it in the back. But, Because it's so light, he just looks bald in pictures. Here he is sportin' a mohawk

He's getting SO good at smiling. Now we're working on laughing. he wants to SO bad, but can't quite get it out.

He has the double chin down, now we're working on a third :)

We love him SO much. He's learning more and more every day, getting more alert and I can tell, he loves mommy and daddy. they do NOT come any cuter, than this little boy. :D