Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things that make me warm and fuzzy on the inside

Duh. Adam. Love him and all he does :)

Adam bought these for me today. I am in LOVE with them. I want to use them for everything.

two of my all time favorite childhood books are going to be movies. I am beyond excited. I can feel it, they are going to be my favorite movies. i can just tell

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Forgotten

Remember that movie? the one where the family loses their little boy, and the therapist convinces the dad that they never had a kid and tries to convince the mom that she never had a kid and that it was all in her head?

I'm a titch afraid that is going to happen to me. That I'm going to keep going on, day to day, by myself, thinking "Adam is still on a camping trip, he'll be home in a few days". Then one day, someone will be brave enough to tell me that Adam was never there, that he was just the best dream i ever had, but I was too happy at the thought of "him" coming home, that no one could tell me the truth. And then I'll be crushed and sad and devastated.

Wouldn't that be awful? It makes me sad to think about. So i'm going to continue being happy and telling myself he's coming home in a day or two.

Please see this post to know the connection between TV and my brain.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You know you watch too much TV when...

  • when shipping packages you think "i wonder if the cops in [insert state here] would call me if something happened to this person and consider me a suspect because they found my DNA on the licked part of the envelope
  • you wonder what someone is saying and you think to yourself "if i were Michael Weston, i could make a bug using a cell phone and a hangar"
  • you notice what you touch and wonder if a crime will be commited and you will be called in because your finger prints were found at the scene of the crime.
  • you notice cars that are "following" you and wonder "why?"
  • you wonder if other cars that don't seem to be following you, really are, cuz they are just that good at following from different distances.
  • you get the hicuups and think "merediths step mom died from hiccups!!" and hope it doesn't happen to you too.
  • when you find a stray hair on your shirt, pick it off and put it on the ground, you, again, wonder if it will make it's way into a crime investigation
don't judge. they aren't serious thoughts, but they are thoughts all the same. my name is erin and i'm a tv-holic.