Friday, February 26, 2010

Our family of 2.75

Yesterday (yes, YESTERDAY) my good, long time (since like, 6th or 7th grade) friend, Emily Hammerstad took some maternity pictures for Adam and I. She did an AH-MAZE-ING job. I am in love with them all!! Thank you SO much Emily!!!

these next few are my absolute favorites. omg. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the Nursery!

The nursery is almost done! There are just a few minor decoration details that need to be added, but it's close enough that baby could live in it and be happy :)


Painted, no decorations

the (close to) final product! a HUGE thanks to my VERY talented mom who spent 3 solid days helping me sew everything. yes, everything in his room was hand made by my mom and I :)

The crib with the quilt, bumper pads and dust ruffle

(slightly cut off) pic of the curtain

VERY excited to use this ultra comfy chair during midnight feedings and long sleepless nights

up close of the animals on the wall. we used the same fabric for everything, so these match PERFECTLY with the quilt

close up of the quilt. You can't see the fine details in this. each piece was appliqued. it took hours. totally worth it :)

These little birds are all over the room. These 2 are on the back of the crib

The bumper pad

The valance with little birdies on top

My MIL gave us a mirror just after we got married. It fell off the wall and chipped a little. we were able to cover it with fabric and use it in baby's room. LOVE it

Proof that I actually helped

Minne loved to play with the birds. She was a true huntress

30 weeks

I am still growing a baby under my skin. He is doing very well. He is getting bigger every day and running out of room for stretching, but he does it anyway. Monday marked 30 weeks, 10 weeks to go!

This is my little brother Sam. He was born at 30 weeks. I am 30 weeks :S! This is actually when he was 4 weeks old, 6 weeks before his due date. So tiny!!

Adam and Camper watching TV. I'm pretty sure there was a meow mix commercial on. Camper was very interested in it :)

Adam stopped paying attention to her and she rolled over and just stared at him.

Minnie's favorite place to sleep is on the bathmat, next to the tub, behind the shower curtain. The shower curtain got left open, so this is as much as she could be in her spot. She didn't know i could see her :) Minnie has also been helping me practice to be a mom. sometimes when I'm working on an announcement, she HAS to lay on my chest, face next to my face and if i try to do anything but pay attention to her, she head butts me in the face. When I try to make dinner, she'll sit at my feet and whine and paw at my legs. Eventually she just comes and sits on the counter and watches. It's pretty cute.

Taking down the lights

Adam took down our Christmas lights the other day

and yes, he lived to tell about it

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh how I love this man

This morning while getting ready for church Adam turns to me and asks if his hair looked ok. he had all of it slicked forward. I laughed and said no, and went back to doing my own hair. a couple minutes later he asked again if his hair looked ok. this time the sides were slicked down and the middle was at a point in the middle of his forehead. i again laughed and said no. then he parted it on the side and asked for some hair spray. i told him he looked like a big nerd and to hurry up so we weren't late. I then went down stairs to get my coat and shoes. he came downstairs like this (in church clothes though)

I again told him (lovingly) he looked like a nerd. he said "well, what if I meet an apostle today" and we left for church.

Then tonight....

Adam: it's 8 o'clock
Erin: ..... yes it is.....
Adam: you told me to tell you when it was 8 o'clock
Erin: ... I did?
Adam: (slightly annoyed now) ya. you told me to tell you when it was 8
Erin: .... why?
Adam: I don't know! something about you wanting to get me ice cream or something like that.... do we have ice cream?

i love him :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Greatest commercial Ever

Adam and I watched this a few times and I laughed out loud. So funny :)