Friday, October 31, 2008


I know I know, we went on our honeymoon almost TWO months ago. wow, i can't believe that much time as actually passed. I know i'm a total slacker but I kid you not, I have 571 pictures. My camera filled up so i had to do some deleting in the middle, so that's not even as many as we took. I've narrowed it down to a few of my favorites.

After the reception, Adam and I drove off into the sunset to live happily ever after. I am sad to say, that I didn't get any pictures until we were at the airport, so you will just have to take my word on the beginning... Our first night as a married couple, we stayed at The Anniversary Inn in the Jungle room. it was AWESOME. small. very small, but awesome all the same. Funny story. We had been married... 12 hours? maybe? when we got to Anniversary Inn and were checking in, I was in my dress. he was in his tux. we're all happy that we had just gotten married. everyone can tell that we just got married. it's very obvious. As Adam is signing us in he turns to the guy behind the desk. he is completely serious when he asks "what's the date" the guy behind the desk looks at him, then me and says "you can slap him now" hahaha it was SO funny. it's our wedding day. not even our anniversary. the actual day, and he's already asking for the date. it was pretty funny :D

the next day around noon, we started the drive to Las Vegas where we would spend one night. I am pretty proud of myself. I found an excellent deal. I got the hotel for $10 a night. it was a nice hotel too. 2 queen sized beds, microwave, fridge, internet, free shuttle to and from the airport, they let us keep our car there the whole time we were gone. it was awesome.

The next morning we were off to the airport. We are so beyond lucky and blessed to have such fabulous grandparents. Adams grandparents sent us to Cabo for our honeymoon. They told us we could go anywhere we wanted for our honeymoon using their time share. ANYWHERE. there were lots of places we could have gone within the states, but we live here. this was a once in a life time chance. Adam had never even been out of the country, so together we chose to go to Cabo. We do not feel that we can thank them enough. We had such a fabulous time. EVERYTHING was perfect and we owe it all to them. so thank you SO so so so much Grandpa Ute and Grandma Gail!! We love you!!

This is us on the plane to cabo!! wahoo!!
Adam looked looked out the window the whole plane ride there. it was SO cute.

LOVE this picture. That's our balcony and view. awesome.
To enhance the experience, Pueblo Bonito (where we stayed) has these african birds all over. chirping and singing to make it feel even more like a tropical

I love him.

We ordered room service a few times. they were very detail oriented. they came in and set everything up, then picked up everything and showed us what it was "dis, is ketchup, dis, is mustard, dis is your hamburger..." etc... it was pretty cool

We had an awesome view of the ocean from our room, but, it's the pacific ocean an was too dangerous to play in. so just about every day we would take the free shuttle they provided to the "safe beach" at the sea of cortez. this is us on the shuttle, on our way to the beach

Us with the sea of cortez behind us.

Adam likes this one :) the "road" i'm walking on is the path that goes around the whole resort. it was HUGE. they had golf cart type cars driving around to take you to the lobby, your room or the pool whenever you needed. it was cool.

we walked to the pool. it was fun. this was on the way. Cabo is just so beautiful

this was the view from our room. it was SO gorgeous

mmmm :) he makes me so happy :D

he loves me :D

the waves on the beach by our place were gigantic. i think at least 1/4 of the pictures that i took were of the waves. we went on a walk every night at sunset and would just watch the waves. i couldn't believe how big they were. seeing the huge waves made it obvious why it wasn't a safe beach. If you got caught in a wave, you wouldn't be able to come back!

that's our footprints, side by side :)

He was like a little kid. I loved it. he ran along the waves and tried not to get caught. love him love him love him.

We went the famous Cabo Wabo restaurant. The food was good, a little expensive, but it was our honeymoon and it was fun ;)

SO dangerous. we rented a scooter for a few hours while in cabo. we got to go out and go shopping, out to eat and see more of cabo. i was nervous the entire time, but it was still fun. everyone yielded to the scooter. they would stop at corners when we had the stop and they didn't. it was a little reassuring knowing they were looking out for us a little.

At lovers beach

adam climbing a rock :)

almost there

and he made it!! wahoo!!

we took a boat tour around lovers beach and lands end

2 of the seals were fighting over a spot. it was pretty cool.

Us parasailing. SO fun!! we went so high up. I got about a million pictures while we were up there.

lovers beach, birds eye view

This is us waiting for the shuttle to come pick us up to take us to the airport. Sad, sad day. We miss it.

the trip was sooooo much fun and we were so sad to leave. we stil miss it and wish we could go back. on the way back, we had a layover in pheonix. when we got to the gate to go to our final destination Las Vegas, they said they had overbooked our flight and were asking for volunteers to take a flight the next morning. we had nothing else to do so we volunteered. that got us a free night at this hotel (it looked like ikea decorated it. so awesome), $10 food voucher each at the airport, and we each got a free round trip ticket anywhere in the contigous US. we have lots of places we would like to go with these tickets. Overall, it was a better honeymoon than we could have asked for. Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible, and a special thanks, again, to Grandma and Grandpa. You guys are awesome.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Presidential Election 2008

I, unlike my husband, am not interested in politics. I do not feel a direct, personal impact in my life because the economy is crashing. Actually, since the economy started to decline, gas has gone down, a lot. I think I saw gas for $2.69 this morning. That's not bad. I still have my job. Adam still has his job. We're still able to pay our bills. My life has not changed with the economy. I enjoy watching The Colbert Report and the Daily Show with Adam. Not really something I would watch on my own, but when it's on, I enjoy it. I don't understand politics, but, I don't really care to know more. Not because I am ignorant or don't care about my country. More because, it just doesn't interest me.

These are some reasons why I should never be and will never be president.

1. I don't like it when people are mad at me or don't like me. No matter who is president, lots of people will like them. But, a lot of people will hate them as well. That would just depress me a bit. Especially if they didn't know me. How can you confidently run a country when almost half of the people think you are just going to mess it up? AND don't like you...

2. When you do good things and run things the way they should be, no one says anything. No "great job! I'm so glad you are president" because, as human beings, we make mistakes. When the president makes a mistake, he is called down for it. They notice the bad more often than the good. It wouldn't be like makeing a mistake at home, in your own little world. You make a mistake and everyone knows and calls you out for it. No thanks, I think i'll pass on that one.

3. You want to go on vacation alone with your family, but that doesn't/can't happen. You have to take your gaurds with you and it's a big ordeal anytime you are out. Everyone knows your face and wants your autograph. That'd be cool for a minute, but then it'd get old.

4. You have to be decisive. I am not a decisive person. I like to get lots of opinions and weigh the consequences. If at all possible, I would much rather let someone else decide for me. Well, let them decide a bit and I'll choose the rest. {you choose the restaurant, i'll choose my own food. get it?}

5. Public speaking. PASS! I hate speaking in public. I'm better than I used to be, but I still hate it. As president, you have to speak to the whole country. That's a lot of people.

6. You get critiqued on TV by everyone. You're not even there to explain yourself while people make fun of the sweater you wore during your speech to the nation. I remember one time George W. wore this ridiculous yellow sweater. It made him look like a golfer... or like his grandma dressed him. Later on the news they made fun of him. I couldn't help but wonder if maybe his grandma did dress him. Or maybe his grandma gave it to him, well, before she died. maybe some sweet old lady that loved him as a president gave it to him and to show his appreciation for it, he wore it on TV. what do the news people know? nothing. they are just mean
**side note to this. even though i think they are mean on tv, i still laugh. i'm only human**

7. shows like saturday night live. They get someone to dress up like you so they can act you out. while it is hilarious, I always wonder if the real celebrety, in this case the president, thinks it's funny or if it is just one more piece of crap flung at the fan at the end of an already crappy day. funny stuff, but not something i would like to happen to me.

Ok, now that I have read this over, I kind of feel like I'm back in sixth grade and my teacher has asked me to write about why I would or would not like to be the president. ha ha!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hard to Concentrate

My latest favorite song is Hard to Concentrate by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Adam introduced me to it a while ago. Maybe like a year or more ago. He said it reminded him of me. I thought it was really sweet. but it's all about becoming one and being a family and how it's hard for him to concentrate. so sweet right? well, that was also back in the days when I also had a missionary. So him sharing this song with me only made it harder and made me fall for him harder. I loved him so much, but at the time, wasn't sure what to do. well, we went on a road trip last weekend and this song came on. He said that a long time ago was when he heard this song that it reminded him of me and he said that I didn't even respond so now it made him sad. I listened to the words again, after being married. After there was no more missionary. Once it was just me and him for always and forever. I now LOVE this song. it's how i feel about him as well. the chorus is my favorite. especially when in the song he slows down and puts more passion into it. I love it. I love him. I love him so much and am so glad i "have found something perfect". I have it on my little ipod thing on the side. Listen to it and read along!

Hustle Bustle
And so much muscle
Our cells about to separate
Now I find it hard to concentrate
And temporary, this cash and carry
I’m stepping up to indicate
The time has come to deviate and

All I want is for you to be happy
And take this moment to make you my family
And finally you have found something perfect
And finally you have found…

Death defying, this mess I’m buying
It’s raining down with love and hate
Now I find it hard to motivate
And estuary is blessed but scary
Our hearts about to palpitate
And I’m not about to hesitate

And want to treasure the rest of your days here
And give you pleasure in so many ways, dear
And finally you have found something perfect
And finally you have found…
Here we go.

Do you want me to show up for duty?
And serve this woman and honor her beauty?
And finally you have found something perfect
And finally you have found... yourself
With me...
Will you... agree... to take this man... into your world..
And now... we are as one...

My lone ranger,
The heat exchanger
Is living in this figure 8
Now I’ll do my best to recreate.
And Sweet precision.
And soft collision
Our hearts about to palpitate
Now I find it hard to separate.

And all I want is for you to be happy
And take this woman and make you my family
And finally you have found someone perfect
And finally you have found

All I want is for you to be happy
And take this woman and make you my family
And finally you have found someone perfect
And finally you have found…

Thursday, October 16, 2008

filler blog

Ok, first of all, I am now ready to post pics of the honeymoon and also our latest trip to Idaho. However, my camera is in my car, like it always is, and my car is currently being driven by Adam and I have his car. well, they are both 'our' cars now. So i promise picture posts are coming soon, just not today. :)

The 8 Things Tag

8 TV shows I love to watch:
1. The Office
2. House
3. Greys Anatomy
4. Heroes
5. psych
7. Burn Notice
8. Pushing daisies

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Wingers
2. Chili's
3. Costa Vida
4. PF Changs
5. Taco Bell
6. Del Taco
7. Taco Amigo
8. quiznos

8 Things that happened today
1. kissed adam goodbye
2. woke up alone
3. showered
4. got ready
5. went to work
6. talked to my mom
7. got dinner started (this morning)
8. Blogged!

8 things that I look forward to
1. Boise state game!!! ;)
2. cuddling
3. buying a house
4. starting a family
5. eating dinner
6. the next episodes of my fav tv shows
7. scott coming home
8. 'our' first holidays together.. being married

8 Things on my wish list:
1. mores space!!!
2. Snow in the mountains, not on the roads (i am so with you laura)
3. A house
4. organization
5. motivation to clean/keep things clean
6. to be rich (and not fat hahaha)
7. get the hondas emissions done
8. more road trips!!

8 + People I tag:
1. anyone
2. that
3. has
4. very
5. interesting
6. answers.
7. like
8. you!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

our perfect day

As you all know, Adam and I got married on September 12. it's been almost a whole month since the fabulous day! So I think it's about time we post some pictures. The whole day was so perfect. the sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it wasn't hot and there wasn't even a breeze. it was perfect. We had most of our family there. We missed my brother who is in Chile and his sister and her family who had a baby the following week. The food was good, the company was great. The day couldn't have gone better. We had a FABULOUS photographer (only one this time ;) ) She stayed with us all day. She was there when we came out of the temple, stayed for most of the luncheon and was at the reception before it started and stayed until after it ended. We are so grateful to have had her there. Thank you Amanda!!

We are also VERY thankful to everyone that helped with our day. there are WAY more people to thank than I can. A special thanks to my mom though. She put together the small details that made everything complete. She made the little kids dresses, she made all of the ties for the guys and the little boys, made the aprons including the pattern. She beaded my headband, one bead at a time (my sister was amazing and made all of my jewelry) She beaded every serving spoon, made sure there were filler daisies to fill in gaps, endless shopping to find the perfect sucker molds and the perfect ribbon etc. There were so many details that made our day even more special. Thank you mom.

And now for the pictures. We got almost 1100 just from that day. I will post A LOT of pictures, but not even close to all of them. I condensed a lot of them to take up less space, but I hope you enjoy them!

Buxton Family

Miner Family

Refreshments. So awesome. So what I wanted!
Also note that my mom and sister made the candy designs ONE AT A TIME!! amazing

In the "train station"
These 3 little girls were awesome. They made sure everything was clean and perfect.
my mom MADE their aprons, pattern and all.
Kristie and her very talented kids sang, played guitar and violin the whole time to set the mood. They were so awesome.
Buxton Family outside the temple (minus Scott :( )

Us and the children.
thanks to my mom for making their dresses and ties.

Miner Family at Wadley Farms
(minus Becca, Jeb, Landen, Blake, Savannah and unborn Crew)

I hope you enjoyed them, I had a really hard time picking out only a few, they were all so good!! Honeymoon pictures coming soon...