Sunday, September 26, 2010


Adam, Milo, my little brother Sam and I went camping this past weekend. It was a short trip, but so much fun. We cooked steak, roasted marshmallows, hot dogs and starbursts and stayed up WAY past bedtime talking. Well, Sam and Adam did at least, I went to bed early. :)

Which is worse? forgetting the camera or bringing one that doesn't work? Good thing Adam's phone has a good camera on it.

Teaching baby early what the good stuff is :)

making dinner

Sam protected us the whole time with the machete

Feeding Milo by the amazing view

Adam said "look at mommy!" so he turned and smiled :)

We had lots of fun with silhouettes
Our little family

me and my baby
sam and the machete
Milo flying (see his wings ;) )
the next bunch are trying to see how high Milo could go.

so high Milo almost didn't make it in the picture

4(ish) months

Milo went to his four month doctors appointment, almost 3 weeks ago now, but you all still deserve to know his stats and to see how cute he is.  

14.09 lbs        29.68%tile
25.75 in long 76.61%tile
16.2in head   19.82%tile

these were taken when we got home from the doctor. such a good baby

at 4.5 months, he is the cutest, sweetest, happiest, funniest little boy ever.
he loves to play peek-a-boo, and as of the past few days, can play it on his own. he'll take a blanket and cover his face while we say "where's milo?!" then he pulls it down real fast as we say "there he is!!" and he smiles SO big. so cute :)
he is happy ALL the time. he will smile and laugh at anyone and everyone. he wimpers a little when he's hungry or tired, and cries if I don't feed him fast enough.
he loves food and is starting to prefer food on a spoon. we can't shovel the stuff in fast enough. if he's especially hungry, or loving the food, he gets mad when we have to take time to put more food on the spoon. so far he has tried and loved, bananas, peaches, peas, rice cereal with water/apple juice/any-other-kind-of-juice-we-have

he notices and wants and has to have whatever we have in our hands, which is usually a phone. no toy is good enough to take the place of what we have in our hands.
he LOVES his daddy. his face lights up and he can't contain his happiness when he sees his daddy.

you can see how big he feels and how proud he is when he does tricks with his daddy.

I sing "when daddy comes home" to him and do actions. a lot of the time he'll hug and kiss at the right times on his own. it's so cute.

This little boy is so stinking cute all the time and has such a fun little personality. we love him more every day.

and now, a picture over load, but he's cute, so you know it's not enough pics of him :)

he LOVES watermelon!! he'll sit and end up eating a whole slice if we let him

 he had just been crying in this one, but got so happy when we gave him food
 he usually tries to hold on to the container of food with one hand and the spoon/my finger with the other

 Milo is so lucky to have such a fun daddy. Adam can make him happy and laugh no matter the situation. The two of them make mommy nervous, but they have SO MUCH FUN, and he never gets hurt, so I just sit back and have fun watching my boys play

 he throws his head back when he laughs. so cute.

 sleeping in the car.
 Corn season is almost over, which is pretty sad for us. Most days I have this orange mug and he can't get enough of it. I usually have to hide it from him because if he sees it, he HAS to have it. He seems to know what it's for too. he'll pull the top of it to his mouth, then moves to a different side when nothing comes out

 reach for it...
 almost there...
 hooray!!! he got it!!