Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Found Fear

Driving behind motorcycles. Especially on the Freeway. I do NOT want to be the first one that runs him (or her) over when they crash.

What a wonderful feeling

Adam was at work until late last night. That means I got things done. When he is home, I just want to be with him and would rather not do my chores.

On my way to leave for work this morning, it was SO nice to come down stairs and see a clean family room, and to look past it and see a clean table and then the clean counters, clutter free floor and an empty sink. what a happy feeling. then I go through the garage and see adams car. squeaky clean. I get to my car. squeaky clean too. yay for being clean!

Unfortunately I did not find my missing debit card while cleaning out the cars. last time i asked for a card, it took them 6 weeks to remember to send it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love day-the beginning

Today, I am trying really hard not to be sick. It's love day. It's our first love day as married people. I am sick in the nose and in the eyes. That's it. I'm willing it to go away and trying to pretend that it's not really there. That's how problems go away, right?

Good thing I have a good husband. He bought these for me yesterday NOT for valentines day. Because he is allowed to get me flowers on days that are not valentines. I think I will keep him.

Last valentines day, Adam was broken.

I just made us dinner, but didn't do anything else because I didn't want him to feel bad because he couldn't do anything for me, because he was confined to his chair. He surprised me and got me a tree of life ring. He ordered it online. It was pretty cute. Every day, after his surgery, he got so excited (both excitement for the ring to come, and also because he was loaded up with drugs) to go to the mail box to see if it had come yet. It was very cute. :)

The valentines before that was our first. We had just gotten back together-ish. I don't think we had the boyfriend/girlfriend titles back yet. We both had to work. We both had school, so we decided not to do anything special, just hang out when he got off work. I surprised him and filled his room with lots and lots of chocolate kisses.

This valentines, well, hasn't really happened yet. I will fill everyone in on how it goes. Later. It should be a good one. no, it WILL be a good one :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random thoughts and tidbits

about a week ago, I noticed that my right cheek had a bit of texture to the inside of it. I couldn't figure out why. Then I figured it out. I have a habit of biting my cheek. When I'm not doing anything, I bite my cheek. I know it started from my awful tooth experience. I bit my cheek to protect it from... anything. Now I can't stop. I catch myself doing it all the time.

Adam is the best. After baby sitting our friends 1 year old, I told him I didn't think I'd be able to do puzzles once we have kids. The next day he found this cool blow up roll up puzzle mat. now I can do my puzzle and then roll it up and put it in the corner when I'm done. He's so good. oh, and when i told him he could have saved it for Love day, he told me he is allowed to buy me presents whenever he wants. what a good man.

My nephew Ben is 4. 5. 4... either 4 or 5. Either way, he lives in Idaho so we don't see them on a regular basis. I am always surprised when he remembers me and gives me a big hug when we do see him. I got an email from his mom the other day, saying that Ben wanted our address to send Valentines. He also wanted to know when my birthday is. How sweet is that?! he remembers me when I'm not around. way to go Brandon and Stacy, you're kid(s) is/are cute :)

I love designing things. I love it even more when I get compliments. For example, I made stuff for a co-worker of adams, she loved it (correct me if I'm wrong kim... but not really, I like thinking you like it :D). Granted, she did tell me exactly how she wanted it and had exact measurements for me, but I enjoyed putting it all together. I also designed my friends daughters birthday invites. They turned out super cute. I also designed my blog background. I'm going to get more creative with it, I promise, but still, I did it, and I'm proud. I also made a cool book for my mom for her birthday. I designed every single page. she loved it. I'm proud of it.

I don't want to figure out dinner. I enjoy making dinner. I enjoy eating dinner. I don't enjoy making dinner at 6:30 when I've been hungry since 4. I'm sure I'll come up with something super creative and nutritious. like ramen. or mac & cheese.

I love adam. I love my kitties.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


To go along with yesterdays post, I have a new one about Minnie.

Last night I started a new puzzle. I got the whole edge done and started working on the middle. Minnie came and at right in the middle of the finished edge pieces. I let her sit there since I was working on the bottom part anyway. Then it became a game to her. Every piece I would grab, she would try and bat it out of my hand to play with it. then she discovered that she could mess up the edge by pawing at it. She kept trying to get the pieces on the floor so she could throw them around. I kept putting her on the floor but she just jumped back up to continue playing. silly kitty.

sunday i started a puzzle. monday i came home to find pieces on the floor. then when i finished it monday night, there was a piece missing!! It is a brand new puzzle. The cats lost a piece to my puzzle!! but not for too long. i found it last night and finished it... so i could start another.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silly Kitties

  1. 1. Last night Minnie decided she wanted attention. I was petting her with one hand and had a glass of chocolate milk in the other hand. One hand was not enough, she wanted both hands rubbing her. So she continuously head butted my chocolate milk hand. i wasn't putting down my milk, so she went to adam, sat on his lap. He also had chocolate milk in one hand and rubbed her with the other. She didn't like this, so she waited till he was taking a drink, then head butted his cup, making the chocolate milk spill all over him.
  2. If we leave Adams sock (top) drawer open, Minnie will take his socks out and put them on the floor, so she can play with them.
  3. Camper likes to lay on the arm of the couch with one front arm (leg?) hanging down the side. It makes her look very relaxed and comfortable.
  4. when adam and i cuddle in the morning, minnie likes to get in on the cuddle action and lays across both of us.
  5. Camper has to check at least 3 times before she will get on the bed or couch, just to make sure nothing has changed and there is still room for her.
  6. it's hard to scare either cat. if they start to eat from the bowl i just barely set down on the coffee table, i try to scare them away, but the will not budge, even when i'm pushing them away.
  7. Camper likes to eat potato chips
  8. Minnie likes bread/tortillas
  9. Minnie LOVES soft food and treats
  10. Camper loves the treats, not as much as Minnie, but only likes the juices from the soft food

Adam loves to play with the cats. It's so much fun to watch!

I have a much funnier video of Minnie and I playing with socks, but my phone won't let me send it anywhere... maybe some day i'll figure it out and show you. I really do love this one though. she LOVES socks. it's funny