Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting so big!!

This week, actually it was mostly today, Milo has learned quite a bit! He is just too smart for his (or my) own good.

Today we got down clapping. There is no sound to it, but he has the motions down, and anytime there is clapping on TV he gets so excited and starts clapping.

We also started working on some sign language today. Today we worked on, and got pretty good at "more". It looks a lot like clapping, and sometimes he claps after he says/signs more. Sometimes he gets so excited that he can do it, that he just keeps signing it, even though he still has food in his mouth.

Earlier this week he mastered going from his belly to sitting up. The first few times it took a while to keep his balance and get up, but now he's knows he just has to go up on his toes and swing his leg over and he's up. smart little boy

When I put him down for his afternoon nap, he didn't want to at first and was crying in his crib. I let him for a few minutes before going in to check on him, knowing he has been working hard on pulling himself up to standing on the couches. When I walked in, there he was, holding on to and standing in the corner of his crib, yelling at me, letting me know that he didn't want to go to sleep. (he was out within the next 2 minutes)

And now some pictures, because blogs are boring with out them and you know you want to see how awesomely cute he is ;)

Milo and his puppy. They hate to be apart. While Milo plays with his toys, Tank must sit next to or on while he chews on his own toys. it's pretty cute. When Tank is in his kennel, Milo will crawl to it so he can play with his puppy. Milo is also very good at sharing his food with Tank and letting him clean off his hands. Or my favorite, when they are in the back of the car together, Tank will try to get in Milo's car seat, so they can stay close.

Milo rocks at playing guitar. He even knows how to hold it and what to do with his fingers. NO this was not posed, he did this on his own, a couple of times even.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

8 Months Old

We are the proud owners of an 8 month old baby. Yes, he has really been around that long, and yes, it has only been 8 months since I had him.

cutest kid ever right?

He is such a big boy. Here is his long list of awesomeness.

He sits all by himself like a champ
He can get to his tummy from sitting without smashing his face
He scoots all over the place by getting up on his knees and then using different combinations of moving one knee forward, getting up on his toes and taking a step or two, moving his arms forward, and always ending with lunging forward to get to where he's going.
He LOVES to hold (anyones) fingers and walk all around, for as long as you are willing to walk with him. he would MUCH rather do that than anything else.
He eats everything. Anything. As much as he can stuff in. He gets all sorts of frustrated if I don't have the next bite ready by the time he has the first one in his mouth.
Still loves the tub. taken today. see his cute bottom teeth?

He has two bottom teeth and his top teeth are very close to coming through.
He got his first hair cut on the first.
He is happy ALL.THE.TIME. even when teething or hungry he's just a titch whiney but tolerable.
He continues to learn new tricks with his daddy.
He is pro at sucking from a straw. Santa brought him some straw sippy cups that are fantastic.
He loves his puppy Tank. and Tank loves Milo. They almost love each other too much. Milo pulls his fur, sking, ears, tail, pokes his eyes. Tank actually does really good and doesn't retaliate. But he loves to lick and nibble Milo. It's actually pretty cute.
playing tug of war together
He LOVES kids and babies. he gets so excited anytime there are kids around and if he can get close enough he kisses them and hugs them.
He likes to dance. Especially to the Hotdog dance. Or the songs on the guitar he got for christmas. He flaps his arms and gets so excited.
And I'm sure he is so excited that in 6 months he will be a a BIG BROTHER!!
This was taken on Halloween when we announced it to our families. We found out on my birthday :)
I am 15 weeks
Due June 28
They will be 14 months apart