Monday, April 26, 2010


This is what 39 weeks pregnant looks like. 7 more days. only ONE MORE WEEK!!! It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that by the end of next week, there will be (better be) a baby to hold and kiss and hug. At my doctor appointment last week they checked my progress, so far, closed for business. No progress. None. He said i'll probably go late, but probably only a day or 2, so not too bad. I have my next appointment Wednesday and we'll see what he says then. Maybe he will say i'll have a baby by the end of this week..... I can hope right ;)

39 weeks doesn't feel nearly as awful as I was expecting. Everyone told me the last month and especially weeks are the very worst. I don't really feel different than I have the past few months. My heartburn isn't too bad and isn't too often, sleeping has sucked for months, but I don't feel like it's gotten worse. Overall i'm still relatively comfortable, I'm just getting sick of being pregnant. I'm ready to be done with it. BUT, i'll let him stay in a bit longer, till he's ready to meet the world.

My mom has been a HUGE help. She comes over at least once a week to help me with laundry, cleaning and all the stuff that is below my knees. She helped me cook up a bunch of meals for the freezer and helped me get everything organized for when baby comes. I have the best mom :)

Adam has been so good to me through this whole pregnancy and I'm so grateful for him. He rubs my back, gets me popsicles and just about anything else I need. He walks slower with me and makes fun of me at a minimal level ;) He keeps me laughing and distracted, even with all of the school stuff he's had to do the last couple weeks. He lets me take naps when I need and never makes me feel guilty for getting so little done when I'm home all day. He cleans the kitchen and tries to pick up after both of us. He helps with the laundry. He took me on a date this last weekend and promised to keep taking me on dates. He has gone to every doctor appointment with me and couldn't be more excited to be a dad. Baby and I are so lucky to have him. I'm SO grateful that he is mine forever and ever. mmmm i love him :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

I miss my toes

I miss my toes

I miss my tummy
I miss sleeping through the night (I won't be getting that back for a while, but I still miss it)
I miss laying on my back as long as I want
I miss laying on my stomach
I miss my clothes!! - shirts that fit AND were flattering, jeans, UNDERWEAR
I miss the days when switching from laying on my left side to my right was not a chore
I miss when the above didn't leave me winded
I miss being able to really get close to Adam

I miss the days when getting out of bed wasn't easier when adam gave me a shove
I miss not maneuvering like a fat person (Lani informed me of this one, even though I already knew it :) )
I miss piggy backs

I miss wrestling
I miss walking without feeling like it's a work out
I miss bending over
I miss my BRAIN
I miss the days of not crying every day, over stupid things that really don't need to be cried about
I miss my baby boy, that I have yet to even meet, but I miss him and I want to hold him and kiss him

While slightly annoying, I do enjoy taking nap(s) daily
Adam is going to paint my toe nails :)
As much as I want to meet my baby, I'm glad he's still growing and still doing well inside me. I also have had a very nice pregnancy. Everyone told me the last month is the worst, but it's only been the worst for me because this whole being pregnant thing is just getting old. I'm still fairly comfortable, heartburn only makes an appearance every other day or so and is easily managed. Nightly baths help take the weight of him off my back for a bit. I work from home now, so I'm able to rest when I need, snack when I feel like it and get stuff done in between.
However, he can feel free to make an appearance any day now. I am 37 weeks today, which means he is full term. So really son, any day now, we are willing and eager for you to make an appearance.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


My mom got us this super cute vinyl saying for baby's room. I love it :)

His room is nearing completion, just need to add a few decorations. 
I'd be ok if he wanted to come before I'm done though ;)