Saturday, May 30, 2009


Congratulations Lauren!!Adams youngest sister, Lauren, graduated from Lone Peak High School Thursday night. We are all so proud of her and are excited to see where she goes from here.

This little guy is our nephew. He distracted us through a good portion of the graduation, but don't worry laur, we didn't miss any of the good stuff :)

He is so much fun!! I wish he lived closer.

Lauren is in there... somewhere... singing in the choir.

I'm pretty sure she's on the front row of this picture. 700 graduates!!
I think... i could have heard wrong...

Congrats Lauren, we love you!!

Out side stuff

The past couple weeks for us, have been spent outside, with lots of fire. We have had so much fun with so many friends.

Our outdoor fun for the summer season started with us going up Provo canyon with the Ben & Laura and Mackay and Heather. We made tinfoil dinners, roasted marshmallows for s'mores and sat around talking and catching up.

Adam crossing the freezing river

Heather and Mackay's super cute little girl.

Laura's fire stick art. We tried to capture her spelling her name, but it didn't turn out as cool.

Memorial Day weekend was spent camping. The first night we camped with the boys from Adams work and some of the staff. we stayed up until at least 2, just sitting around the fire talking. The Telos people left the next morning, but we stayed and camped another night with our friend Aaron. It rained all day, but we found a good covered place to make a fire where we wouldn't get wet, but where we also wouldn't burn down the forest.

Adam and I in our hammock between the rain

Adam relaxin

Building us a big manly fire :)

We came back Sunday afternoon, got all squeaky clean and laid around the rest of the day, just enjoying time together. Memorial day we had a BBQ and planned our camping trip that would start the next day with the Munz family.

Sad to say, I did not get a single picture of this trip. We had lots of fun. We had a late start Tuesday because both Adam and I had to work until about 6. we started up provo canyon, but it was too mudy for our non-4-wheel drive vehicles, so we went and found a nice campground up AF canyon. we finally ate around 830 and spent the rest of the night talking over the fire. Adam had to work the next morning, so I spent most of the day with Heather and Mackay, on a hike and we had a picnic. We ended the trip with steaks on our new grill.

That is us as of late and we hope to camp a whole lot more this summer.

Happy (super late) Birthday

Happy, super-more-than-two-weeks-late, Birthday to my sweetheart. I'm not that good with the camera. plus, as you read before, i'm sure you didn't really want to see his birthday pictures ;) I did get one picture that day though, so i don't completely suck, right?

Adam with his big manly man grill.

Happy (late) Birthday honey! I love you!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Also, a big thanks to Jaren for getting me a sweet Boise State laptop backpack, the inlaws for the Bbq tools and my parents for the $ to go to our new fridge!

A Great Birthday

I know, I know -- It isn't usually me that writes the account of our lives on this blog, but it wouldn't really be fair if Erin had to brag herself about how awesome of a birthday she put on. I am not the easiest person to plan a birthday for because of a couple of different things. First, I like to buy things. When I want something, I buy it. If I see something that looks cool at the store, I get it. I don't really understand the concept of a "wish list" no matter how close we are to Christmas or my birthday. Erin has tried to train me, and I am getting better, but I am probably still one of the hardest people to shop for -- especially if you are wanting to surprise me. Erin loves surprises, everything about them. She loves the build up and the excitement. If I was buying her a present for our anniversary six months down the road, I could put it in the middle of the room, throw a blanket over it, tell her that is the gift for her and I could guarantee that she won't be looking under that blanket because it would SPOIL THE SURPRISE. This isn't how I function. I have a tendency to spoil the surprise without even trying. I like to make guesses and speculate. There have been several incidents where I've ruined the moment, all because I was impatient. I think it drives her nuts, but she is still good about it, she just has realized she has to play everything a little close to the vest.
Despite our contradictory dispositions, Erin came away victorious this birthday. After I bought a few items that she had as ideas for presents a few days before my birthday, she was still able to come up with some great ideas of things I really wanted, without actually knowing it at the time. It started the night before when I was imprisoned in my living room while she set up her elaborate scheme throughout the rest of the house. The next morning when we woke up, I was told to wait in bed while she finished the rest of the preparations. I could smell bacon -- one of the only things I like to eat in the morning and I got all excited. She came upstairs with bacon and strawberrys and she was dressed in a few different layers of clothing. After eating our light breakfast (we both don't really eat very much for breakfast), the surprise began. She had set up a bit of a "married" version of a treasure hunt. After receiving my first gift (a Boise State DVD season in review), I had to get my next clue from Erin. Without going into detail, by the end of the treasure hunt, she was no longer wearing as many layers as she was when she came in with breakfast. It was cool and suprising. She gave me different cards that had the locations of the gifts. I got lunch at Tucanos, a movie, and the grand daddy of them all - a new GRILL. She did a really great job planning the day and making it exciting. I never thought my first birthday as a married person would be this great. I just can't say enough great things about Erin and about how much thought she put in to making my birthday as special as it was despite the fact that I spend much of my efforts leading up to it trying to spoil her plans. I'll have Erin update the blog with some pictures as soon as she can come home and find the cord to the camera that I likely misplaced!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Soon to be....

HOME OWNERS!!! That's right, Adam and I are going to join the world of home owners. We found out today that they accepted out offer. It's a brand new home, still being built, in Springville. They are about a month away from being ready for us to move in. We are SO excited!!

Here are the before pictures. I will post after pictures, AFTER it's done :)

These pictures all look the same. I know. they are more for me than anything else, but isn't it so exciting?!