Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elder Scott Buxton

He came home! It is so good to have him back. He is tall and skinny, but he looks so good. We have missed him the whole time.

Welcome Home Scott. We are so proud of you.

P.S. His homecoming talk is tomorrow, Sunday June 28 at 12:50.
Please come. He would love to see you!!

Baby Names

No, I am not in need of baby names. Yet. No babies for us. Yet. Maybe later, but not now.

With that cleared up, I have thought about baby names. It's a hard thing. The baby will have to grow up and live with that name. I will have to not hate saying the name. it's an important detail. But maybe it's a whole lot easier than I think it is.

Take George Forman, for example. He has 10 kids. 5 boys and 5 girls. That's a lot of names to come up with. Not for George!! He just went ahead and named all 5 boys George. Done and Done.

Michael Jackson (rest in peace). The King of Pop. He avoided the same dilemma. 2 boys and 1 girl. Named both boys Prince Michael Joseph Jackson. He called the younger one blanket. awesome.

You probably already knew that, but i thought it was funny.

ha. ha.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

good news all around!

We are in our house!! We are completely out of the other house, now I just need to get everything unpacked. Everything is so new and clean! I will post pics later. The cable/internet hit still hasn't come.

Our BRAND NEW fridge is coming in the next one to there hours. It is SO nice. I'm so excited for it to come. And to get my fridge food out of the sink..

We got the living room arranged so everything fits. I wasn't sure it would work with a sofa, love seat and a big recliner, but its all in and looks great.

Thanks to manly men (Adam andmy dad) and aleesa, my super heavy washer made it up stairs with no damage to the walls or washer. Wahoo!

The kitties adjusted fast to their new home. The cats I had growing up would hide and punish is for months if we moved. But not these cats! They love having so many boxes around to paw at and jump in.

Scott is coming home TOMORROW!! I can't believe its finally here. We have missed him so much. Its going to be so good to see him again.

I'll post more later when we have more than just my phone for internet.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swine Flu Breeding Grounds

My little brother and sister went to EFY this past week. Because of the crazy swine flu stuff, everyone had to have their temp. taken and had to fill out a questionnaire about how they have felt for the last week and who they have hung out with. if you're feeling fine, why would you truthfully fill out that form if it meant you had to leave EFY? Clearly lots of people lied. or maybe just one really popular person. Lots of people had to go home mid week because they got sick. My sister came home today, with swine flu. my brother hung out with her all week, so we can only hope he gets it too. they went to efy in logan, so they have a 2 hour drive home, sharing the same air, practically touching the whole way. maybe my parents will get it too. wanna make things better? Scott comes home Thursday. maybe we can give him swine flu too. that would be awesome, huh?

But isn't that exciting? Scott is coming home. Soon. 5 sleeps soon. :D

In house news, yes, it's completely done. Yes, we have signed our life away. Yes, we have closed. NO we don't get to move in yet. because if they say "1-2 business days, but probably just 1" it really means "we're going to take the full 2 business days and we waited until thursday evening to sign so you have to wait the whole weekend to know anything". but it's ok. i'm staying positive. a little. we are GOING to move in on Monday. they might not have a choice. i may or may not have the garage code and i may or may not just start moving things in with or with out their permission.

Want more good news? ok, this is the cherry on top. the creme of the crop. the bees knees. our brokers office got broken into yesterday (or maybe the night before yesterday...) and ALL of the computers were stolen. I'm pretty sure those computers have more information about me than I even know about myself. Good thing we just spent ALL of our money on a house, now there's nothing left for them to take :)

Our house is pretty. Our love is much. Our kitties are cute :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shopping List

We were supposed to move into our house 2 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago, I stopped going shopping. I want to move as little as possible. I have done pretty good, using what we have to get rid of as much as possible. I have been to Walmart once in the last 3 weeks because things were taking longer and we ran out of milk. I bought 2 gallons instead of the normal 3. We also bought some pepsi, but nothing else (ok, so we bought 3 boxes of bullets too). Now we still don't know for sure when we will get to move in. we're hoping this weekend, but it might not be until early next week. I don't want to buy food. I need to eat food. My list contains these items that I am OUT of, not just low on.

Meat of any kind
mac and cheese
i have lots of noodles but nothing to put on or with them
nestle's quick (ok, we have a few more glasses worth left)
shaving cream
and much more...

basically, all the staples of life. at least we still have some pepsi.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I control the weather

I'm sorry, but it's true. Notice how today started out a little cloudy, but there was still the hope of a beautiful sunny day, but then it turned ugly, dark and rainy? That is my doing. That is how I am feeling today. Today started doubtful, but still hopeful that we would get the $6,000 grant for buying a new home. They were running low, but I still felt we had a chance. When I got to work, it had dropped from 115 left, to 20 left. That's when the darker clouds came out. I was still hopeful, less hopeful, but hopeful still. Now they are all gone. We didn't get it. Now, I don't feel all sorts of frustrated because I feel entitled to the money. I understand it is a gift and a blessing. I am frustrated that the people working for us, took their time, took a week and a half longer than they said they would. We did everything we were supposed to, but they slacked, and we paid.

It also doesn't help that we are supposed to be out of our current place Monday, but the earliest it looks like we can close, is Monday.

But all is well. Adam keeps reminding me of the good. We are still going to be home owners! of a BEAUTIFUL house. We have each other, and after all, it is only money. I love him.

I don't want to end the post with a downer, so I will share my experience getting make up a few weeks ago.

I went to Dillards to buy more foundation, because I was out. I had checked my empty bottle before I left, so I would know what shade to get, but it had worn off. I knew they would help me out and do a color match for me. So my mom and I headed off to the store. I told the girl behind the counter I needed to get new foundation. She asked what shade. I told her I couldn't remember and that it had worn off the lable, but I pointed to the bottle I knew it was in. She got very flustered instantly. She then handed me a paper and told me to pick the color i felt i was closest to, and then walked away. I am not even joking, these were the colors I had to pick from.
Orange and non-skin brown, apparently, are the new skin tones. I looked at the colors and looked at my mom. I thought the white paper it was printed on was a closer match than any of the color samples they had.