Saturday, July 31, 2010

Milo Can Giggle

It's pretty cool, he is laughing and giggling all of the time now. We caught the first good giggle on camera! He may just be ticklish. He is also loving "peekaboo" as of today.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

I'm well aware that Fathers Day was exactly one month ago. But Daddy still deserves a post, even though I'm slow.

Milo is so lucky to have such a fabulous, fun, caring, loving, helpful, priesthood holding, Daddy, and I'm lucky that the daddy to my baby is all of the above and so much more.

Milo loves his daddy so much. He(Milo) just sits and stares at him(daddy) until he gives him the attention he wants, then busts out a huge smile and tries to giggle.

Daddy is always willing to change a diaper, cuddle him when he's content, play with him when he's happy, and hold and rock him when he's sad.

Daddy is so excited for football season (what else is new ;) ), but especially this season, because his little boy will watch with him.
(when I took these last 2, they both were looking, then I said "keep watching tv" and they both went back to watching :) )

We love you daddy!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Best Buddies

Our next door neighbors have a cute little 21 month old boy named Bentley. Him and Milo are going to be the best of friends. He is so cute with Milo. He always comes up and says "Hah-eeeeee!",  kisses him on the head, helps him get his passi back in his mouth, and once in a while he'll try to make him smile. This day, he wanted to give him hugs and lay down next to him. It was SO cute!
Aren't they both so stinkin cute?!

2 Months

Where oh where has the time gone?! We have traded in our newborn in for a real baby. He is awake a lot more now and very alert. He notices things now. Like the lion on his bouncer. He will sit and stare at it, then bring his hand up and hits it, trying to bring it to his face. It's pretty cute.

He smiles ALL the time and is almost laughing. We have "conversations" all day long. We went to the doctor last week. The doc put him on his tummy to see how strong he is. He was impressed with how strong and steady he is. Then he said "oh, looks like he's close to rolling over" and then over he went! He's a little show off and rolled over his first time in front of the doctor. Doc also told us that Milo will reach most of his milestones ahead of schedule.

As of last thursday, he
weight 11.8 lbs 42 percentile
height  23.75in 75 percentile
head circ. 15.25in 18.71 percentile

Night time is getting better. He sleeps 4-5 hours at a time from about 9 till 9, sometimes 10 :)

He did really well sleeping through all the fireworks and their loud noises on the fourth.

His "plumbing" works very well and is fairly regular.

He is happy all the time and only cries/fusses when he needs something.

He loves to be outside.

He loves bath time.

He LOVES {his room}.

He also loves to have his diaper changed. He is a very gratifying little boy. He coos and smiles every time we change him. Makes it so we enjoy changing him, even daddy enjoys :)

He has gotten too big for almost half of his 0-3 clothes. He's getting too big!

Who knew that such a little person could bring so much joy and happiness?! We are so grateful for every minute we get to spend with this little guy, and are completely honored that Heavenly Father chose us to be his parents.