Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My sister came over a few weeks ago and took some fantastic pictures of my little Logan. They turned out better than I had hoped for!!

These pictures are of him at 7.5 months, he is now nearing 8.5 months. He is such a happy little boy and is so much fun. He loves his big brother and doing tricks with his daddy, but he can't stand to not be with me if I'm in the same room. This past week he decided he was no longer a baby and didn't need his passi any more. Milo did the same at almost the same age. It's hard now, but nice in the long run. He still doesn't sleep through the night. What can I say, I have the BEST boys, but they both just kind of suck at the whole sleeping through the night thing. Oh well, more snuggle time ;) He is all over the place. He has the cutest little army crawl, but it looks more like a legless zombie dragging himself around. He will do laps around the living room, but his favorite place to end up (besides with me) is in the toy closet. Him and Milo will spend 30 minutes at a time in there by themselves. He usually has his bottom lip sucked in and has recently discovered his tongue. He sits and flips it with his fingers, sticks it in and out and spits. Oh man I love this little boy so much!

Monday, February 13, 2012


That's right, Milo is diaper free! I only have one bum to diaper. HOORAY!!!!! 21 months old and out of diapers. Milo has not worn a diaper since Monday morning 9am. He's pretty cute in his undies. The smallest ones are still pretty baggy on him. I love that I can really squish his tush :)
I got Milo a seat for the potty just after he turned one. I wanted him to be familiar with the potty to make things easier when it came time. Around 15 months he pooped in the potty for the first time. a couple times a month after that he would make it in the potty, but only number 2. I have been paying attention to how full his diaper was in the mornings, but he had never woken up dry, which is one sign that they are ready. about two weeks ago, he told me he needed to go potty, he sat on his seat and he peed! It was then that I knew he was ready. He still hadn't woken up dry, but his diapers weren't very full either, I figured it would come with training.

Day One
9am when Milo woke up, I got him excited about not wearing a diaper. He's not super happy when he wakes up, but this cheered him right up. we took off the diaper, put on the big boy underwear and went and sat on the potty. I laid out blankets all over the living room, which he thought was pretty fun. We sat around, watched mickey and dumbo and I asked "do you need to go potty" no less than 7 billion times.... with no luck. He peed on the blankets, on the carpet, on the tile, he even took a laundry basket under the table and peed in it! Everywhere but the potty. It was slightly frustrating, but I was expecting it. Nap time came and I put out a few blankets on his bed and left him in his underwear. To my surprise he woke up an hour and a half later completely dry. He told me he needed to go potty several times, but would get on his seat and let toots go. That night before bed, after I had tried all day, he peed in the potty for daddy. Led him in the bathroom by the hand and he did it. It was pretty exciting for every one.

Day Two
730am he woke up completely dry once again! I was shocked. I was expecting him to wake up wet and poopy, but he did so good! He even peed in the potty first thing. Then a few hours later while I was making breakfast, he was playing in the cupboard and he peed in there. Sat him back on the potty for a bit but nothing. then later he was standing on the blanket in the living room, stepped off and let it rip. He had a few successes, including pooping and another dry nap.

By the end of the day I could understand why people give up. It's hard, but I had to keep reminding myself that learning to recognize, stop and start everything takes time and he is still so little.

In this picture, it had been like 4 hours since he had peed, but he didn't want to stop watching Dumbo to go potty, so we brought Dumbo to the potty... and it worked :)

Day Three
5am he woke up to pee then again at 730 to poop, so another dry night! Today was full of ups and downs. Just about every time he needed to pee, he would pee a little and stop it then we would run to finish in the potty. We went through lots of underwear, but overall it was a success. He was able to notice he was going, stop it, then pretty quickly finish the job in the toilet.

Day Four
What an amazing day. We went through several pairs of underwear, but he always finished the job in the potty. A few times he even told me he needed to go without being asked.

Every day gets better and better. Today, Sunday, we even made a trip to Salt Lake to a farewell, then back to Cedar hills for dinner. He stayed dry all day. Not even a little drip in his (new mickey mouse) underwear. Most of the day I forgot to ask him if he needed to go, he would just tell me and then actually go.

I am so so so so so proud of my little boy. At 21 months, not even 2 years old, he is potty trained. what an amazing thing. We still have a ways to go, but he is getting better every day, and with practice, he will become perfect (oh wait, he already is). Love that kid so much.