Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big Boy

My baby boy is a big boy. He knows when something is for babies, and when it is for big boys. When he finds out he's doing something that babies do, he does everything he can to do what big boys do.

For example, he used to LOVE his passi. It's what got him to sleep at night, got us through longer car rides, helped him make it until his food was ready and overall just calmed him down when he needed it. It pacified him. Well, he must have overheard me talking about how we needed to get him off of it before the baby comes, because the next day, half way through the day, he gave it up. He realized that babies use pacifiers, he wasn't a baby, so it had to go. And he hasn't used it since. mommy has missed it a lot at times, but it has been more than 2 months with out it.

In January (I think?), Milo started sleeping 12 hours at night. It was wonderful. Sometimes we would put him down late so we cold sleep in. Then early February he got the flu, and sleeping through the night was put aside. a few days after he got of the flu, he got a cold and sleeping through the night got even farther from us. Once he was better, he continued to wake up a couple times at night and started waking up at 7 regardless of when we put him down. Going to bed became a pain and started to dread nap time. he would only sleep in the car or stroller. 

Last week, we figured out what he was trying to tell us. Cribs are for babies and he was NOT a baby. So we put a futon mattress on the floor in the corner and PRESTO! nap time was a breeze, and they are never less than an hour. he wakes up from naps happy instead of cranky. The first couple nights he didn't know where he was and needed a little help going back to sleep, but he slept till 8 in the morning.

Then of course he got a cold and I ended up in his bed wth him most of the night because he would wake himself up sneezing his brains out, or coughing and irritating his sore throat. BUT now that he is better, he slept last night from 930 to 8 in his bed, without waking up. Then I nursed him for another hour and got another hour of sleep in. 

My baby is no longer a baby. He is a big boy :)

6 months

I am 6 months pregnant (and 1 day). 27 weeks. less than 3 months to go. I'm hoping he makes his grand entrance mid June wile all of adam's family is in town. So far everything is going well, like last time. I really do love being pregnant. Milo makes it a bit tougher, but he also makes time fly by. Heartburn kicked in a couple weeks earlier, but it's still not so bad that i'm chowing down on tums all the time. I am pretty dang tired a lot of the time, especially in the early afternoon and evening (milo's nap times :) ) when the "exhausted wall" smacks me in the face.

This is me 1 year ago today
This is me at 26 last time

I'm only 5 months late posting these, but I couldn't NOT post them. My good friend Nemiha of That's Me Photo took these for me when Milo turned 6 months. She did an excellent job and gave me tons! I tried to pick only a few, and I did pretty good, ha ha there's only like 60 or so... isn't he the cutest?!?! :)