Friday, November 27, 2009


just for you Jana

This is me at 17 weeks and 4 days.
I am still working on getting out of the "is that weight you're gaining or a baby you're growing" phase. i'm getting closer, but not quite.

I haven't been sick for a few weeks now, not that I ever got all that sick.

4pm no longer feels like midnight. neither does 830. and really, neither does midnight. 1am is now my midnight. wahoo for not being so tired!!

I bought a bella band and LOVE it. I think i'll be able to use it instead of maternity pants for at least a few more months.

I own, thanks to my mom, 2 cute maternity shirts.

As of yesterday, November 26, Thanksgiving night, I have felt MOVEMENT!! it is so exciting!! i felt baby a few more times today. i love it. it's starting to fee a bit more real now.

I have now had 3 dreams that it is a boy.

we find out in 2 weeks, 2 days and 15 hours the flavor of our baby!!

What do you think we'll have? I'm pretty curious, so please, take the poll on the side of my blog :)

My Man

I need to take a minute to brag about my man. I am so beyond lucky I get to be with him for all of eternity. I am so glad that he is my baby's daddy. I know he is going to be the very best dad. I love him so much.

This is just a few of the things he has done for me lately.

we have a patio in the back of our house, but the only access we have to it was a bunch of rocks. you couldn't walk barefoot on it and it sucked trying to pull a full dumpster across them. So Adam took a whole day and fixed our problem.


clearing a spot for the path

Ta da! final product.

He did such a good job!! it took him all day, but it looks SO good!!

Then today, with some help from our neighbor, Adam beautified and Holiday-fied the outside of our house.

The lights are strait and easy to turn on and off. I am so proud and grateful to call him mine.

I haven't taken pictures (yet) but really need to, of what he did for me Wednesday. His sister and family were coming over to see our house, and the house looked much less than presentable. He didn't have work that day, but I only hoped for him to shove things around to look more decent before I got home from work. boy was I wrong!!! The dishes were clean and put away, our bedroom (worst room of the house) was CLEAN and vacuumed, the baby's room was straitened up and vacuumed, one of the two junk rooms was made into a usable spare bedroom. Our bathroom was clean, including the tub, mirrors and counter top. On top of all of that, he washed ALL of the laundry, then sat with me while I folded it, he even helped me fold it. I was so shocked and am SO grateful!!

I absolutely could not ask for a better husband and best friend. I am so lucky. I love you honey!!