Monday, March 19, 2012

Dinosaur Museum

This week one of my best friends and I from high school decided we were over due for a get together, so we packed up the kids and met at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. Milo was so excited. All morning "dines? ah Addie?"(dinosaurs with Addie?) That morning when Logan woke up, "Logan dines ah Addie?" (asking if Logan was coming too) He was sad when I told him daddy wasn't coming.

The kids had so much fun and played so well together. Milo loved all of the dinosaurs and the fun stuff they had to do.  It was so fun, that I have very few pictures of Milo actually looking at the camera, but I still love what I got :)

 Milo isn't a fan of having his hands messy for very long, so this part with water and sand wasn't his favorite. He kept coming to me "hands messy" He did enjoy shuffling his feet on the sandy floor
 Logan, on the other hand, loved playing in the wet sand

 I wanted a picture with both boys by this, but Milo just wanted to play with something else, and at this point Logan was hungry and tired and just wanted me to hold him
 Milo was completely fascinated by the shark. I couldn't get him to look away from it to get a picture

 Learning all about sharks ;)
 This sand box at the end was his favorite. He loved to "seep" (sweep) and dig. We spent quite a while here

 Logan also loved the sand. He ate some of it, which I don't think he enjoyed as much

We had so much fun playing with our friends all afternoon. Milo was so tired when we left, we didn't even get to the stop light (2 minutes away) before he was completely asleep. We are excited to have more play dates in the near future :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I haven't updated about the adults in the house in quite some time. Adam has been working SO HARD lately. He picks up a few (some times too many) grave shifts at Telos. He is also a peer tutor to a few boys(youths?) on top of his normal job as the Program Director at the Anthem House.
We recently decided to put in new floors (due to (stupid) animals(that we love dearly))upstairs (still debating downstairs). We got some laminate wood from Costco that he is installing himself. So far the nursery is all but done and he is starting on the hall tomorrow. He has done such a good job, and I am so impressed (but not surprised, because lets face it, he's awesome at everything he does) and he did better than I thought.
He is also working on getting into an MBA program. He has one pre-requisite class left and just took the GMAT and did AMAZING!! (again, no surprise, he is super smart and an awesome test taker). Because he has been so busy, he didn't have much time to study for it. He managed MAYBE 3 hours of study time in the week and a half before the test. He got a 660 which put him in the 81%tile! On the Analytical Writing part he got a 6/6 which is SUPER amazing! only 9% get a perfect score on that part. We are so proud of how smart he is,

With how busy he is, he still manages to make time to hang out with us and play with the kids. He is still patient with us and our needs and even helps out with the kids. Even though he needs sleep, he takes care of the kids so I can go to Zumba twice a week and Bunco once a month. It gets hard since neither of us are getting enough sleep, and we don't get to see him as often as we want, but we sure are grateful for him and how hard he is willing to work so that we can live a comfortable life in our beautiful home.
 walking in daddy's shoes :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Potty Training: Bloopers

While potty training, there will inevitably be some (lots) of frustrating moments, but eventually they are pretty funny. Here are some of Milo's.

The first few days we stayed in the living room with lots of blankets to catch the accidents. One time Milo was standing on the edge of the blanket, nothin but his underwear. I ask (for the 1 millionth time in an hour) "do you need to go potty?" "nope" then he took one step back, off the blanket, and peed on the carpet.

At the start of day 3 of potty training, I was making breakfast. I let Milo come in the kitchen with me because it was considered a "safe" zone. He was entertaining Logan as I made eggs. I didn't realize, but he had climbed in the cupboard. "uh oh mommy...." He peed in the cupboard.

Milo's favorite place to hang out is under the table, so I put a blanket under there as well. On the third day of potty training he took my empty laundry basket under the table to play with. Then I hear "uh oh mommy, ah wet!" He was sitting in my laundry basket, in a puddle of pee. Awesome.

Milo woke up in the middle of the night, I made him sit on the potty (I have since learned not to force him on the potty, less accidents the less I force/more I trust him). He was crying and screaming sitting on his seat. I was sitting on the floor in front of him, trying to help him calm down, the whole time him telling me "ah wannoo!" (I don't want to!). Then he puts his feet on the toilet ring, grabs the handles on his seat and tries to stand up. mid pee. right in my face... HE PEED IN MY MOUTH!!!!

A couple weeks ago we were at a restaurant and he needed to go potty. We have a little travel seat that folds up. It's a ring, but it has the split in the front (know what I'm talking about?) and the toilet seat there was the same. Now, while this travel seat is awesome, it's much more awesome for little girls, who pee down... with Milo I have to hold his little weeny down to make sure it doesn't come out the crack and all over his pants. He usually won't let me hold it down though. This time I took his pants and underwear off, to avoid wet clothes. I tried to look through the big crack to see if he was peeing or not. Apparently he was because it hit the rim and sprayed me in the face. At least this time it wasn't in my mouth.

Again, we are eating out and he needs to go potty. I didn't have the travel seat yet. I take him back to go and he will NOT sit on it. "es big". It intimidates him too much. So I ask him if he wants to pee like daddy. He gets excited about this. Since he is much too short to stand on his own and make it, let alone aim correctly, I hold him over the toilet. Goodness I didn't realize how much practice you need to aim correctly PLUS he pees about a million mils a second, with no arch... Milo decided to practice his stop and go skills. First stream goes way past, on the floor behind the toilet. giggle giggle. I reposition, second stream ends up on the back of the toilet. giggle giggle. half of the third stream makes it in the toilet. Long story short, more pee ended up outside the toilet than in, and he thought it was hilarious.

Then just now. I sat him on his seat and for some reason, I forgot to push his little bits down... all of a sudden "uh oh mom!!" and I turn around to see fountain of pee shooting strait up and on the bathroom counter.

Having Milo potty trained is super awesome, and comes with awesome experiences and stories ;)