Monday, March 29, 2010

little minnie kittie

The past couple of months, we have noticed significant weight loss in Minnie. At first, we thought she just didn't like the healthy dry food we were giving her. So I started buying the "less healthy" (and much cheaper) meow mix. Minnie loved it, but she was still losing weight.) So we started giving her 1-2 cans of wet food every day in hopes of plumping her up. (Camper on the other hand, was gaining, even though she ate half as much as Minnie After a few weeks, she was still little more than skin and bones. Any time we were in the kitchen, she would meow her brains out, begging for food, even if she had just finished a can of wet food. If scraps were left on the counter or in the sink, she would devour it as if she hadn't been fed in weeks and this may be her last chance at eating ever again. If you didn't actually SEE us feed her, you'd report us to the humane society for not feeding our cat. She would do the same with water. She could EASILY drink an entire big cup (at least 16 oz.? bigger?) of our biggest cup of water daily, PLUS she has a (pretty much) never ending supply of water.

We started reading up on what this could mean. She had every symptom of diabetes. Great. So Saturday, Adam took her to the vet. She was scared but was a real champ and did awesome. Results came back confirming she has diabetes. So for the past couple of months, her body hasn't been able to metabolize the food she eats. No nutrients were staying. We were throwing money down the litter box, and she was literally starving.

So now, twice a day, we have to give our poor kitty shots. She doesn't feel them and she has stopped begging for food. We think she's actually a little confused. She'll still have food in front of her and feel the need to keep eating, but just doesn't have the room, because for so long, she was constantly starving and wanting food.

Trying to get the band-aid off from getting her blood drawn


35 Weeks
Please don't mind the craptacular quality of my phone camera
35 weeks DONE
35 days TO GO.
we are going to be parents.
WE are going to be parents.
we are going to be PARENTS!
I have a tiny human under my skin. He is cute, and pink, and plumping up, and strong, with tiny fingers and toes and a tiny nose and a cute tiny bum. A tiny person that hiccups, and stretches, and opens and closes his eyes. He practices swallowing. His tiny little organs are all but done. If he came now (which we aren't allowing yet (which I wish we COULD allow right now)) He could breath on his own and would have no issues with living. He would just be even tinier than the full term tiny humans.

I will have a full term baby in my belly in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS I could have a baby and he wouldn't be considered a premie. TWO WEEKS!

Next week we get to pre-register at the hospital. Next week I'm going to pack my bag, just in case he decides it's too crammed inside of me and makes an early break.

The past few days he's decided to change back to the early days and be nice to me again. I had heart burn radiating out my ears every night, cuddling was all but impossible, finding a comfortable spot sitting, standing or laying down hardly existed, and I have just been all around uncomfortable for the last month, but not the past few days. The past few days, spooning has been comfortable for a few shows in a row, NO HEART BURN!! (knock on wood), and I probably just figured out that the secret to being more comfortable is not eating till I'm so full I might explode.

We are ready* for him to come. We want him to come. We are SO excited to come. Adam asks daily when he will come out and when will he be ready. soon. so soon.

*we are as ready (mentally) as we can be. we are NOT so ready stuff wise. i.e. clothes for him to wear, something for him to ride in the car in, diapers tiny enough for his tiny newborn bum. Other than that, we're as ready as we'll ever be.

I (we) can't wait to meet this tiny person, and kiss his tiny face and hold him and love on him. 35 weeks down. 35 days to go.