Wednesday, December 17, 2008

tag, you're it

I am: eating chocolate
I know: that christmas is next week
I want: to be cuddling
I have: laundry i should do
I hate: being in pain
I miss: warm days
I feel: loved
I hear: xbox NCAA 09
I smell: cinnamon when i walk into work
I crave: cold, 32 ounce pepsi from the BJ's drive thru
I search: for more ways to please my husband
I love: adam scott miner
I care: a lot less about what people think of me... in the good way....
I always: have cold feet or a cold nose
I believe: in santa clause
I am upset about: the poor choices of those i care about
I sing: but only when i know the words
I write: rarely
I lose: my patience too quickly sometimes
I win: stupid prizes if i ever win anything
I never: want to say hurtful things
I listen: when spoken to
I am scared of: falling down the stairs while wearing a backpack
I need: adam in order to sleep properly

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My week of pain

So it all started last Thursday. Well, I suppose it started before that. The saturday after Thanksgiving, I started to feel myself teething. My third wisdom tooth was coming in. Not the funnest experience. I decided I wanted to wait until after Christmas to get it removed. The pain increased. I hadn't ever experienced such pain with a new tooth. I knew I couldn't handle it until after christmas, so I made an appointment with the dentist to get the tooth removed the next day.

With my past wisdom teeth, it has been a peachy experience. He numbs me up, and the tooth comes right out. 10 minute procedure, including letting me get numb. 3 ibuprophen later and I'm just fine and never have any problems. That is what I expected with this one. boy was I wrong. He gives me 5 shots for the one tooth. He tells me it's very infected. He trys to pull my tooth. no luck. He starts pushing, as hard as he can, on my tooth. He's holding on to my mouth with one hand, and pushing with the other. He breaks tool after tool after tool trying to get the tooth out. Turns out he has to widen my jaw to get the tooth out. He tried to cut my tooth in half and take it out in pieces. no luck. He tried a few times to pull the tooth out only to have the pliers (?) slip off my tooth and hit my top teeth. that didn't feel so good. 45 minutes later, the tooth comes out. It is huge. Turns out it was partially impacted and the roots were going the wrong way, so it ripped up my gums all the way out. ya. it hurt.

After I got home, I was numb. I didn't expect too much pain. More than with the last tooth, but not much. All of a sudden, my mouth is throbbing. It was a pain I had never experienced before. I took a lortab and a few ibuprophen and soon the pain was less, but I was still in so much pain I was crying. My mom called the dentist to see if there was anything else he could do. He prescribed some antibiotics because there was a lot of infection. I stayed loyal to my drugs and antibiotics.

Almost one week later and i am still in constant pain. pain meds lower the pain, but I was litterally in constant pain. Adam and I decided I probably had a dry socket. So tuesday morning, when i almost couldn't go in to work because of the pain, Adam called the dentist to see if he could see me that day to see what was going on. So I had my boss come in for an hour so I could go get it checked out. He told me he thought i probably had a dry socket. Said he could smell the infection, but it didn't really smell like dry socket. I thought i just had that bad of breath :S. He tells me he is going to numb me up and clean out the socket and that I probably just had some food stuck in there. It took 5 shots to get me numb enough to be able to squirt water in and clean it out. The dental assistant also took an xray to see how everything was looking. He got me numb and started cleaning me out. Then we see the x-ray. THERE IS SOMETHING METALIC IN MY JAW!!!! it looks like it's in the socket, so he starts digging around. He re-opens my socket, pulls out my clot, and tries to find this "foreign metalic object". i can feel him scraping my bone. Digging around and turning my already raw gums, into even finer hamburger. After about 30 minutes of digging around, he determines that he can't get it out and that I need to go to the oral surgeon to get it out and that this is the reason I have been in so much pain. He sets up the appointment for me for the next morning at 8 am. great. an hour and a half after i left his office, my gums feel like they are being ripped to shreds. oh my gosh, it was a pain i have never felt before.

So wednesday morning, I go in to have this foreign object removed. They had to put me out, and cut the object out. I was scared out of my mind. so i made jokes. lots of them. well, at least me and my mom thought they were funny. I believe the procedure took all of 10 minutes, but boy am i glad i was out while they did it. When I came to, I was very loopy and for some reason, I couldn't help but cry. I kept trying to crack jokes, but i just sounded and looked so sad, cuz i was crying. i tried to tell them they did a great job at keeping me alive, but it sounded like i was serious and wasn't sure if they could do it cuz tears came and i sounded pathetic. i couldn't help it. it was actually kinda funny. I then came home and slept for 4 more strait hours. This time i got percacet.

oh, i forgot to tell you all. The "foreign metalic object" was a piece of the dentists tool. It ended up in there when he was trying to get the stupid tooth out. Needless to say, now that I have had it out for 36 hours, I feel MUCH better than I have for an entire week. It's amazing how aweful your body will make you feel when you have something in you, that shouldn't be there.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive husband and mom. They took turns taking care of me and being with me when I was in so much pain and on the heavier medication. Adam was up with me in the night, getting me ice, more meds and holding me tight when that's the only other thing that would help. My mom spent days with me while Adam had to work. Made me soup and anything else we thought I could eat (still couldn't eat much of anything. probably won't be able to till next week). I am so blessed to have so many that are willing to take care of me. :)

The tooth on the left is the wisdom tooth I had removed one month ago. The one on the right is the one I had removed last week. What an ugly monster of a tooth

This is the x-ray that shows the "foreign metalic object" lodged somewhere in my mouth

This is the x-ray after it was removed. Notice how my socket is no where near as defined as the previous x-ray.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blog Worthy

Before I even get into this, I will give you some background on todays topic. When I was 16 and first started driving, I drove a Saturn. It had a little tank. It only took $19 max to fill it up. Those were the days. Last year in May, I bought a new car. A Nissan Altima. It's tank is 16 gallons. When I first bought it, it only cost $30 to fill up. I thought that was a good deal considering how big of a tank it was. Then prices started to rise. I ended up paying $75 a tank. That sucked. Bad. So last night I had to get gas. The needle was below empty. I went to Macey's to fill up. I ended up putting 15.5 gallons of gas in my car. I was AMAZED at how much I spent. $24.78!!!! I have NEVER paid so little for gas in this car. Less than $25 to fill up my car from emtpy!!! wow!!! I was so excited, I immediately called my mom. wow. what a wonderful day :)

On a completely different and much less happy note, I am teething. again. This is the worst yet. my back right wisdom tooth is coming in. It hurts TONS worse than that it did to get it the other tooth pulled. Guess I'm glad the dentist gave me lortab for the last one!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Health Nut

I am not a health nut. I love my junk food. I love the stuff that is bad for me. Deep fry just about anything and I will love it. To counter my junk food addiction, I try to eat healthy for breakfast. Lately I have been eating yogurt. Strawberry Yogurt to be precise. In the last month or so of eating it every day I have come to the realization, I hate yogurt. It makes me gag. I can only eat a little at a time. I don't finish them. I only like the strawberry kind. But most of all, it makes me gag every time. Even thinking about it now, my gag reflexes are getting prepared. Yogurt. not my thing.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

30 Meals in One Day

I helped my mom put together this blog for her 30 Meals in One Day business. I am SO excited about it. She will keep it updated with new recipes, helpful tips, and different places she will be. Check it out often for new stuff. Right now there is a FABULOUS and EASY recipe for Cranberry sauce , just in time for Thanksgiving!! There is also a link to it on the side of my page.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh happy days

I can't think of any negatives today, only lots of positives. yay for happiness!!
  1. Mostly clean house
  2. A husband that got it mostly clean before I got home
  3. Found a good recipe for Dutch Babies and made them, which in turn made Husband happy
  4. It's saturday
  5. Thinking of good ideas for baby announcements, wedding announcements, birthday invites etc...
  6. Making yummy dinner tonight
  7. 3rd Birthday dinner tomorrow night with my family (almost 3 weeks later :D)
  8. Sleeping in with husband instead of getting up and ready
  9. No more obnoxious extra tooth in the back of my mouth
  10. Only had to take 3 ibuprofen TOTAL when I got my tooth pulled
  11. Don't have to go back to the dentist for 6 months
  12. Becca and family coming in less than a week!!
  13. Being caught up at work
  14. helping a friend
  15. love my new hair color
  16. first married thanksgiving
  17. first married christmas
  18. buying a christmas tree
  19. BSU games...
  20. but most of all, Adam

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Husband.

I have the best husband.

Adam and I both had to go get some dental work done this morning. As I have said before, I HATE going to the dentist. I had a couple fillings AND got a tooth pulled. I got happy gas for the first time. It made me think I was relaxed, but when I thought about it, I realized my entire body was very tense and had to try and relax again. The work was painless plus I got to watch Kicking and Screaming. However, my ENTIRE face was numb when I left. I felt like the whole lower half of my face looked similar to an elephant... well, that's what i felt like at least.

Now that we are home and it's more than 5 hours later, only half my face is now numb and feeling fat. When we got home Adam went and filled the prescription the dentist wrote for me, then came home and started doing the dishes, cuz he knew it would help me relax, then made me lunch that i couldn't feel or taste. Then he took a nap with me. He was supposed to go in to work for an hour, but he made arrangements so he could stay home and take care of me. He is the best. I love him so much. I have the best husband ever :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boise, Idaho

When I married Adam, I instantly became an aunt. I now I have 4 nephews and 2 nieces. LOVE it :D. a few weeks ago, our new niece was going to be blessed, so Adam and I went up to be a part of it. Just as we were going to leave, Adams parents, who were also going up for the blessing, called and said that the roads were awful and that they had to turn around. We had both taken the day off and I knew that if we didn't go somewhere, I would end up cleaning and doing laundry, while Adam watched football. I did NOT want to do that. So we decided to see how far we could make it. If the roads were too bad, we'd pull over and get a hotel, but if we could get through, then awesome. The roads were still bad when we went, but we decided to drive slow. Even though we went slow, we still ended up on the side of the road. Good thing a nice guy pulled over with a truck and tow ropes to get us out.

Once we made it safely through, we got to Brandon and Stacy's house, Adams brother and his wife. We LOVE going there. They have 2 cute kids, Ben and Lilly.

Ben LOVES Lilly. he always wants to touch her and says "hi sis!" "love ya sis!" so cute

When you play with uncle Adam... you get squished...

Lilly is SUCH a sweet baby. i got to hold her for long periods of time. my fav :)

before we left, Adam showed me around his favorite parts of Boise. This is at the BSU stadium. I wanted to go on the blue turf, but the gates were locked. next time :)

Up at Table rock, looking over all of Boise

We decided to take a short cut through a crack in the rocks.

Now that gas is so much less expensive, we plan on going to Idaho more often. They ended up postponing the blessing to 3 weeks later so that Adams parents could come. We were more than ok with that, it meant we got to come up again!! We are hoping to go again in the next few weeks and maybe go to a BSU game. We ♥ Idaho

Monday, November 10, 2008

all about me.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
1. Being a 7th grader at PGJrH
2. Getting ready to move
3. Adjusting to a new ward AND being a new beehive
4. Taking care of puppies
5. I was starting to notice how cute boys were

5 things on my To do list today (since it is 7 p.m. this is my to-do list for tomorrow)
1. Do at least one more load of laundry
2. put away dishes in the dishwasher and reload
3. watch more T.V.
4. figure out dinner... bleh
5. buy more food.

5 things I would do if I were a Millionare
1. Buy the last house I will ever need
2. Buy my mom a neat house
3. pay off debt
4. buy adam all the electronics he wants
5. New car

5 places I have lived
1. Provo, Utah
2. Portland, Oregon
3. Pleasant Grove, Utah
4. Orem, Utah
5. Pleasant Grove... with my husband :D

5 jobs I have had
1. Alpine Art Center
2. Western Watts
3. Carpentress...
4. Harward Farms
5. Pro Digital Photos

5 people I tag
1. all
2. of
3. you
4. fun
5. people!!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Lists

Some days just don't go the way I would like them. We all have those days. I go over in my head all the things that have sucked so far. I email a friend regularly and tell her my list of things that suck. A different friend has made a conscious effort to list the good things in life. The things that make life fun and worth while. So I decided to try it too. I don't get rid of the bad stuff, I still vent it, but I counter the "things that suck" list with a longer list of things that make life great :)

Things that suck

1. When I can't get blogger to do what I want
2. Knowing I'm going to get yelled at
3. Snapping at my husband when all he wanted was a hug and a kiss as I walked by
4. Being so hungry so often
5. A messy house
6. Snow-on the car, on the road, on the ground where I step...
7. Over-due Library books
8. Bills/rent
9. Going to the dentist
10. Getting my teeth cleaned
11. Christmas Songs before Christmas

Things that I love
1. Hitting snooze just one more time to cuddle a little longer
2. I have a good job
3. Husband still loves me even though I'm not much of a morning person
4. Food :)
5. Time spent not cleaning is spent being with the man I love
6. Snow in the mountains
7. Fabulous husband (he counts lots of times :) )
8. Cooking
9. Stocking the cupboards with food
10. Good Family(s)
11. Good friends
12. Good customers
13. Freedom to vote (even if it doesn't matter)
14. Living so close to family
15. It's the beginning of my favorite Holidays
16. Dates with Adam
17. Knowing I get to keep Adam forever and ever
18. Having clean teeth

Friday, October 31, 2008


I know I know, we went on our honeymoon almost TWO months ago. wow, i can't believe that much time as actually passed. I know i'm a total slacker but I kid you not, I have 571 pictures. My camera filled up so i had to do some deleting in the middle, so that's not even as many as we took. I've narrowed it down to a few of my favorites.

After the reception, Adam and I drove off into the sunset to live happily ever after. I am sad to say, that I didn't get any pictures until we were at the airport, so you will just have to take my word on the beginning... Our first night as a married couple, we stayed at The Anniversary Inn in the Jungle room. it was AWESOME. small. very small, but awesome all the same. Funny story. We had been married... 12 hours? maybe? when we got to Anniversary Inn and were checking in, I was in my dress. he was in his tux. we're all happy that we had just gotten married. everyone can tell that we just got married. it's very obvious. As Adam is signing us in he turns to the guy behind the desk. he is completely serious when he asks "what's the date" the guy behind the desk looks at him, then me and says "you can slap him now" hahaha it was SO funny. it's our wedding day. not even our anniversary. the actual day, and he's already asking for the date. it was pretty funny :D

the next day around noon, we started the drive to Las Vegas where we would spend one night. I am pretty proud of myself. I found an excellent deal. I got the hotel for $10 a night. it was a nice hotel too. 2 queen sized beds, microwave, fridge, internet, free shuttle to and from the airport, they let us keep our car there the whole time we were gone. it was awesome.

The next morning we were off to the airport. We are so beyond lucky and blessed to have such fabulous grandparents. Adams grandparents sent us to Cabo for our honeymoon. They told us we could go anywhere we wanted for our honeymoon using their time share. ANYWHERE. there were lots of places we could have gone within the states, but we live here. this was a once in a life time chance. Adam had never even been out of the country, so together we chose to go to Cabo. We do not feel that we can thank them enough. We had such a fabulous time. EVERYTHING was perfect and we owe it all to them. so thank you SO so so so much Grandpa Ute and Grandma Gail!! We love you!!

This is us on the plane to cabo!! wahoo!!
Adam looked looked out the window the whole plane ride there. it was SO cute.

LOVE this picture. That's our balcony and view. awesome.
To enhance the experience, Pueblo Bonito (where we stayed) has these african birds all over. chirping and singing to make it feel even more like a tropical

I love him.

We ordered room service a few times. they were very detail oriented. they came in and set everything up, then picked up everything and showed us what it was "dis, is ketchup, dis, is mustard, dis is your hamburger..." etc... it was pretty cool

We had an awesome view of the ocean from our room, but, it's the pacific ocean an was too dangerous to play in. so just about every day we would take the free shuttle they provided to the "safe beach" at the sea of cortez. this is us on the shuttle, on our way to the beach

Us with the sea of cortez behind us.

Adam likes this one :) the "road" i'm walking on is the path that goes around the whole resort. it was HUGE. they had golf cart type cars driving around to take you to the lobby, your room or the pool whenever you needed. it was cool.

we walked to the pool. it was fun. this was on the way. Cabo is just so beautiful

this was the view from our room. it was SO gorgeous

mmmm :) he makes me so happy :D

he loves me :D

the waves on the beach by our place were gigantic. i think at least 1/4 of the pictures that i took were of the waves. we went on a walk every night at sunset and would just watch the waves. i couldn't believe how big they were. seeing the huge waves made it obvious why it wasn't a safe beach. If you got caught in a wave, you wouldn't be able to come back!

that's our footprints, side by side :)

He was like a little kid. I loved it. he ran along the waves and tried not to get caught. love him love him love him.

We went the famous Cabo Wabo restaurant. The food was good, a little expensive, but it was our honeymoon and it was fun ;)

SO dangerous. we rented a scooter for a few hours while in cabo. we got to go out and go shopping, out to eat and see more of cabo. i was nervous the entire time, but it was still fun. everyone yielded to the scooter. they would stop at corners when we had the stop and they didn't. it was a little reassuring knowing they were looking out for us a little.

At lovers beach

adam climbing a rock :)

almost there

and he made it!! wahoo!!

we took a boat tour around lovers beach and lands end

2 of the seals were fighting over a spot. it was pretty cool.

Us parasailing. SO fun!! we went so high up. I got about a million pictures while we were up there.

lovers beach, birds eye view

This is us waiting for the shuttle to come pick us up to take us to the airport. Sad, sad day. We miss it.

the trip was sooooo much fun and we were so sad to leave. we stil miss it and wish we could go back. on the way back, we had a layover in pheonix. when we got to the gate to go to our final destination Las Vegas, they said they had overbooked our flight and were asking for volunteers to take a flight the next morning. we had nothing else to do so we volunteered. that got us a free night at this hotel (it looked like ikea decorated it. so awesome), $10 food voucher each at the airport, and we each got a free round trip ticket anywhere in the contigous US. we have lots of places we would like to go with these tickets. Overall, it was a better honeymoon than we could have asked for. Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible, and a special thanks, again, to Grandma and Grandpa. You guys are awesome.