Monday, August 30, 2010

My little helper

I have been working some at the corn stands in north orem and pleasant grove. Milo has been coming with me and LOVING it! He is my little helper :)

He hangs out in the Watermelons sometimes
he pretends he's eating them
sleeps A LOT. he takes much better naps at the stand than he does at home. today he got in two, two hour naps in the six hours we were there. 
This is how he sleeps when it's cold out
sometimes he falls asleep like this
he usually needs his soft blanket and a hand to the head to really fall asleep
But we get lots of smiles
lots of laughing
we play with toys
chew on hands and fingers
and every customer thinks he's just the cutest and such a good helper!

Sweet Tooth

Ok, so he doesn't have even one tooth yet (but I think we may be slowly working on them...), so I guess you would say he has "sweet gums"? Grandpa Buxton is trying to become the favorite by bribing Milo with candy. 

Here they are with a sucker my dad got from the bank, specifically for Milo

this one is my favorite. (we spiked his hair for church, isn't he just so stinkin cute?!)
Lovin' Grandpa for indulging his "sweet gums" :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


This is Minnie. She was diagnosed with diabetes about 5 months ago. We got her on insulin and she seemed to be doing better. Then she started getting urinary infections. We put her on antibiotics and thought she was better, until they came back. She started getting skinny again, she continued to need water all the time and was always hungry. She went to the litter box many times a day, sometimes she couldn't go because it was so painful. So we took her in for a second opinion. She had an infection in her bladder (one of the worst the doc had ever seen) and it had spread to her kidneys. The infection made it so the insulin wasn't working. She also physically could not drink enough water. She would need lots more tests and surgery and it would probably still come back. She couldn't take the stress of more tests and surgery. The drive alone stressed her out. 

On Thursday, August 19, 2010, Our Minnie kitty went to kitty heaven. We miss her so much, but know that she is feeling better. She doesn't hurt any more. She's not hungry or thirsty. She's just happy. 
These are the only pictures I could find of her, I think the rest are on a different hard drive that I need to find. But you can see pics of her herehereherehere, avideo here and here
She always helped us finish our food. licked our plates clean, managed to get the last of the chocolate milk out of the bottom of the glass, cleaned out the pudding snack pack and yogurt containers, etc...
She loved q-tips, milk caps, the things that hold on the milk caps
she always sat on the counter and did the dishes with me/helped me clean the kitchen
She liked slept on my chest and tried to lick my ears
She liked to be where we were and would follow us around the house
She "helped" me with the laundry and would chase down and sock that i would pick up
she loved to go outside and eat the grass, but was always cautious as she left
over all, she was a really great cat, full of spunk and great personality. We really love her and miss her. Goodbye Minnie, till we meet again...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 months

Nope, not joking, Milo is already 3 months old! Well, 3 months and 1 day old. He is getting so big, so fast. He is such a good baby and so much fun!!
Everyone told us (Adam especially) that babies don't get fun for the dad until 3 months. So Adam eagerly waited up until 12:35a.m. (birth time), so that he would know when Milo "officially" became fun.
We have also read/have been told that around 3 months they should start sleeping through the night (5-6 hours at a time). He has slept 5-6 stretches a few times, but last night, for the first time, he slept from midnight to 7a.m. in his crib, without any interruption! then he slept from 7-10. Such a good boy!! it was so nice! too bad we woke up at 4:30 and had to make sure he was ok before we could enjoy the next few hours.

  • he can hold his head up, has had a strong neck since he was born :)
  • roll over from tummy to back
  • smiles ALL the time
  • talks and coos ALL day
  • "laughs" every day
  • has giggled real, true, honest to goodness giggles a few times
  • he has been batting at toys in front of him for a few weeks
  • this week he can now grab toys. he has a hard time holding on to them sometimes, but he's getting better and can usually get the toy to his mouth
  • he LOVES soft blankets. When he's tired the put him right to sleep, when he's awake, they make him smile
  • He sleeps with his hands up on his head and/or face. Some times he has a look of "i've had such a hard day"
  • Today he started scooting backwards on his play mat. He was just so excited about the stuff above him, but he managed to move about a foot off the mat.
  • He loves to have his diaper changed.
  • He takes lots of cat naps through out the day
  • He has a hard time waking up on his own in the morning, but once he's awake, he's all smiles and LOVES to talk to daddy.
  • He is an excellent, fast and efficient eater. He can go at least 4 hours, sometimes longer
  • He likes to watch TV. If it's on, he finds a way to look at it (I'm trying to be careful with this one now)
  • When people talk, he'll sit and stare, as if he's listening and cares about what's going on
  • He loves to take baths and is starting to kick and splash a little
  • He tries to mimic us, with his tongue and eyebrows mostly
  • He only cries when he's hungry or tired. He fights sleep so hard!
  • he sucks, well, gnaws his thumb! it is SO cute! sometimes he'll chomp on both. he tries to get it/them as far back in his mouth as he can, so he always ends up gagging himself 
  • He loves mommy and daddy :)

We love him more and more every day. We love being his parents and can't imagine life with out him