Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Me as a Bride

I don't have my wedding pictures until tomorrow, but you can all gaze upon my beauty until then ;) These are only some of my bridals. I have about a gazillion. Easily. Thanks to my two FABULOUS photographers. Thanks Amanda and Nemiha!! You guys rock!!!

There were at least a million little buttons on my dress. Adam had to undo all of them to get it off. My mom was nice enough to make a makeshift crochet hook to help Adam out :)

Proud Owners

I know I know, I need to post pics of our honeymoon and our wedding, and I will, just not today. I don't have the wedding ones back yet and I don't have my camera with me for honeymoon ones, so just keep holdin your horses a little longer

We are now the proud owners, of a vacuum. Now all we need to do is find the floor. Our apartment isn't quite big enough for the both of us AND all of our stuff. We opened all of our presents and I'm still trying to find homes for everything we got. I swear I have been cleaning for a week strait and it STILL doesn't look like I've actually done anything. I hate it. After a few hours of cleaning, it looks more like I just sat around and watched TV instead. It's probably my biggest pet peeve at the moment.

But anywho, Adam has lived in our apartment since May. Thank goodness they cleaned everything super well before we moved him in. Last night, was the first time since then that the carpet has been vacuumed (well, the part I managed to clear anyways). It was a pretty good feeling to have the carpet look clean again. The vacuum made some very nice clickety clack noises as it picked up months worth of stuff. It was a good sound. I like that sound.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

six {6} quirks

The rules are:
to list 6 quirks about yourself
and then tag six people.
Leave them a message on their blog letting them know
they have been tagged.

1. EVERYTHING that goes in the dishwasher has a spot or area that it goes in. the cups DO NOT go on the bottom unless absolutely necessary. bowls go on the top rack on the right side only. big cups go in the middle. smaller ones go on the left side. etc.... you get the point.

2. When I am bringing out food, or drinks for myself and one other person, usually Adam, my drink/food/whatever goes in my left hand and i serve the other person with my right hand. always.

3. When going up or down stairs, I like to skip steps. If I am going to skip steps, then the last step I take I have to skip the second to last step and land on the level. Make sense?

4. I HATE standing water. I enjoy splashing in puddles, but I have to think about it first. If I am just walking down the sidewalk, I avoid wet spots at just about any cost. I think this goes with it too... I can't stand walking through wet grass. bleh.

5. "crunchy" things make me gag. Not chips and crackers and candy. It's more of a vegetable crunch. the two are VERY different. The vegetables that have it are, lettuce, onions, peppers, celery... that kind of stuff. i actually enjoy the taste, and like them more when they are cooked, but the crunch literally makes me gag. my eyes water and everything. however, for some reason i like shredded lettuce on Taco Bell tacos, but ONLY on taco bell tacos.

6. I can't enjoy my food very well if it is all the same color or close to the same color. for example, one time i made homemade macaroni and served corn and rolls with it. it was ALL yellow. i didn't finish it because it wasn't as good because it was all the same color.

i tag.... Tori, Mandi, Amanda, Brittany, Teresa, Britanee and Ashlee!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Every One is Invited!!!

So we're getting married in a day and a half (from 4o minutes from now ;) ) I tried to get announcements out to everyone, but if you didn't get yours, consider one of these yours! Please come and bring your friends!!

Because I have an awesome job that taught me to design wedding announcements, I was able to create a few different ones to send out :)

Adam designed this one all by himself. Pretty impressive huh?

Hope to see you Friday!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

oh to be a child again

Yesterday I was moving more of my stuff out of my room to take to the apartment. My little brother Sam, 13, was helping me. He jumped on my bed and said that when I move out he gets my bed because mine is more comfortable. We then had the following conversation.

me: *sarcastically* well, if mom would just let me move in with Adam already then you could have the bed now
sam: what?! she won't let you move in with him?! why?!
me: cuz we're not married yet
sam: *with a look of "that's so dumb"* it's only 3 days
me: i know! what's the big deal right?!
sam: well really, why can't you?
me: cuz i can't live with him until we're married. that's the rules
sam: it's only 3 days... what's the big deal
me: well, we want to get married in the temple, and we cant if we're living together
sam: you guys could just sleep on different couches. or he could sleep in his room and you could sleep on the couch... or you could sleep in the bedroom and he could sleep on the couch...
me: ya, i don't think that would work so good
sam: *pause* you've slept with him haven't you!
me: *pause and look at him, not quite sure what he means*
sam: you take sunday naps with him huh
me: yes, that is true
sam: so what's the big deal?!

he is just too cute and innocent.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love to see the temple

This last Friday I had the opportunity to go through the temple for myself. It was the most amazing and wonderful experience! I was so nervous all the way until we left. Then when it was over, I wanted to go again! I was surrounded by people I love. Adam. My parents and grandparents. Adams parents and grandparents and his cousin Haylee. My very good friend Lisa flew up from Arizona to go through with me. It was so special and meant so much to me. It was so calm and peaceful inside. I really am so grateful that God gave me Adam. He is my world and I love him so much. That's what I thought about most. I get to keep Adam. I get to be with him forever. I am so lucky to have him. I can't wait to go back with him to be sealed for time and all eternity. I love the temple and can't wait to go back again and again, with Adam by my side :)