Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Year Old

Milo is now 13 months old. I'm so behind. These pictures were taken 2 days after he turned one. He's such a {cute} big boy.

At 1 year he weighed 19 pounds, which puts him in the 4.97%tile
 At 13 months:
He has 9 teeth. 4 on top, 3 on bottom and 2 molars
He loves pretty much all food. He's not a huge fan of fresh fruit (too tart?), but he LOVES his vegitables 
 He says lots of words. Dad, Da and Daddy. Mom and Ma. Hi, hey, tank, cat, more, that, this, again, weeeeeee, no, and others that I can't think of
He doesn't really know what "no" means. So when he goes for daddy's phone, the lap top, daddy's glasses, the remote, or something he knows we don't want him to have, he says "nooooooo" and then goes for it. it's pretty cute
 He loves his cat and dog. He follows them around the house, cuddles with them, feeds them treats, gives them kisses and sometimes sits on them. Both are really good with him and tolerate hair and tail pulling.
 He likes to follow the dog around the house and "boss" him around. He bosses the cat around too. It's so funny
 He is a full time walker
 He will give courtesy laughs. It's a total fake laugh, but he can tell you think it's funny and that you want him to think it's funny, so he laughs.
 When we watch any youtube type videos on the lap top, he runs up and immediately starts laughing
 When I say "say hi to the baby" or "where is your baby" he will usually pat my belly and say "hey!"
 Whiles he loves all kinds of food, he doesn't like to sit down and eat meals, there is far too much going on and to do, so he will eat till he's no longer starving then refuses to eat and runs off to play
 He says hi and waves to every one when we go out. I think he thinks we're in a parade, and everyone is out to see him, so he waves to everyone
 He loves to dance. Music comes on and he smiles real big, looks to make sure someone is watching and dances
 He LOVES his daddy. When he hears the garage, he gets so excited and practically runs to the door
 He is such a cuddley sweet little boy. 
 Sometimes he'll stop what he's doing, just to come give me a hug
 He talks in his sleep
 He loves to climb. on chairs, tables, couches, up on the window sill
 If he can sit in a chair all by himself, he feels SO BIG
 He can sit and push himself around on his zebra
He follows me around the house and empties out cupboards, making getting the house clean practically impossible.  
 He will NOT sit in a high chair when we go out. We have to get a booth so he can stand and "be big"
 This little boy is SO much fun
 and such a HUGE joy in our lives
 We are seriously so blessed to have him
 and we are so excited to make him a big brother {soon}
 Happy {late} Birthday big boy
 We love you so much