Friday, September 9, 2011

Logan - almost 3 months

My baby is getting so big. He is almost 3 months now, and you guys don't even really know him. Poor Logan. Being a mom to 2 {fantastic} kids is hard, tiring and makes for a very busy life.

Logan is a little chunker. He has thighs you can't help but squeeze. He has an ever present second chin that just rests on his chest.

He has the cutest stick strait, fuzzy, stand up, blond hair. It's getting longer, but doesn't lay down on his head. ohmygoodness it's so cute!! (I hear it's just like his daddy's was)

Like his big brother, he almost never spits up, unless you don't burp him and then shake him up... but who wouldn't after that.

For the first 2 months he was a little fussy. He's getting much better, and we're all starting to understand each other a little better. Don't get me wrong, he's a great baby. Milo almost NEVER cried, so it just took some getting used to, having a baby that actually CRIED when he was hungry or needed a diaper changed, instead of whimper.

This kid loves his food. like his brother, he's a very fast eater, like 10 minutes tops. UNlike his brother, he needs to eat often. up until about a week or 2 ago, he needed to eat every HOUR. day AND night. I was a milk cow. I tried getting him to eat more, but it just wasn't happening. He's starting to be able to go 2 and sometimes 3 hours between feeding.

He's getting better at sleeping. Not as good as a lot of my friends babies, but REALLY good for him. Like I said, he was eating every hour day and night. Now, for the most part he'll sleep stretches that last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Every once in a while he'll sleep more, like the other night he slept a 5.5 hour stretch. It was pretty awesome.

He is such a happy little dude, with great big, open mouthed, full gummed, full face smiles.

He's a talker. He likes to talk to me during his meals through out the day. He'll stop eating and just look up and, I like to think, thanks me for the wonderful meal. He loves to talk to people though and completely lights up when you pay attention to him.

He giggles. It's such a sweet little giggle and I love it. He's been trying so hard for weeks to do it, and in the past couple days he has been able to get a few out. I recorded it yesterday. Oh my goodness. It's so cute.

He does NOT give warning when his mood changes. He will be talking, smiling and even giggling at you and BAM he's crying. he's suddenly starving and needs food NOW. or, he's now tired and wants to be put to sleep.

He's not a super cuddly baby (like milo IS). he likes to be in his swing or on his play mat, or pretty much anywhere, but on his own. He's starting to like to be held more often, and I love it. It does help me to be able to get more stuff done/take care of a 16 month old.

He loves to be outside and will instantly calm down once you take him out.

He LOVES his big brother. He will just sit and stare and smile at Milo while Milo plays. It's pretty sweet.

Milo looked (looks) so much like Adam. I didn't think a baby could look more like his dad. and then came Logan. He looks JUST LIKE Adam as a baby, and now!! I have a picture of Adam at 3 months with a great big smile that looks like it could be Logan. I'll work on getting it scanned and posted as proof. in case you don't believe me ;)

This little boy is such a perfect addition to our family. He is just so cute and squishy and kissable and sweet. mmm he is delicious. and I love him.

Milo - 16 Months

My baby boy is no longer a baby. He is a great big little big boy. He is smart beyond his year and such a sweet little boy. I am amazed and so grateful every single day for this little person.

He is a little guy. He just recently broke 20 pounds. I believe right now he's 20.5 MAYBE 20.75 pounds. At 15 months he was in the 3.97%tile for weight. He is tall though. He can reach stuff of the table and counters and is just tall enough to hit his head on everything, though he somehow manages to barely miss the corners.

He loves to run and jump. His jump is probably the cutest thing you have ever seen. He bends down really low then stands up fast and lifts a leg. He does it over and over and over again.

He loves trucks, cars and airplanes. He can point out a plane in the sky before I even hear it. He also points out ever single truck while driving. "kuck! kuck!"

He LOVES to play with balls and would do it all day long, well, he usually does! He will carry around a stick of some sort (usually a spatula), throw the ball then chase it and hit it. He thinks he's playing baseball. He has also discovered that he can play catch with himself if he throws the ball up the stairs.

He LOVES his dog. They play and play and play. That deserves an entire post of its own though.

He loves his cat too, but I'm not sure how two way the love is. Camper complains the entire time Milo plays and loves on her, but she doesn't leave or move more than 6 inches and almost never ever swats at him (she's declawed)

He is such a good helper. Both sarcastically and seriously. It's slow, but he helps me load and unload the dishwasher, and does a good job for the most part. He throws away diapers and trash for me. He puts his toys away when I ask him to.

He loves his baby brother. More on that coming soon.

He is not a picky eater, but he doesn't eat very much when he does eat. He still doesn't really like fruit, but will eat almost any vegetable. I can almost always get him to drink though. which leads to lots of full diapers.

He's still in size 3 diapers. His bladder is probably ready for size 4, but 3's are still big on him

He is a good talker. I read online that the average 16 month old has 7+ words that they use on a regular basis. milo has almost 50. They aren't all completely understandable, but he knows what he's saying and I know what he's saying, he's trying to say it and he knows (mostly) what the word he's saying means. Some days he adds multiple words. He will attempt to repeat just about anything you want him to say. I'm not including the just repeated words. These are words he uses on his own, or when reminded.

in no particular order:
Me. yuck. candy. thanks. mail. ready. ssshhh. cheese (both food and taking pictures). hot. teeth. stairs. ball. bee. owie. amen. grandpa. Milo. Hi. Hey. Hello. bye. there he is. don't. stuck. why. what. truck. car. uh oh. keys. juice. hungry. outside. doggy. tank. no. go. watch. catch. that. this. more. Please. Logan. Mommy. Daddy. Goodnight. bite. Up. Help.

When he sees Logan or Daddy sleeping, he sticks his finger up his nose and says "ssshhhh"

He knows where his eyes, nose, tongue, teeth and belly/belly button are.

He can tell you what a fish, dog, cat and cow say. Sometimes a bee.

He loves to dance.

When he sees something that I have told him is hot, curling iron/straightener/stove/oven/iron etc., he puts his hands up, backs away and says "hot! hot!!" When I pull his food out of the microwave, he says "hot hot!" and blows on his food

When he sees something I have told him is "ouchie" or "owie" like my sewing machine, pins, scissors, knives, he says "owie". today he pointed at the scab on his knee and said owie. Or the other day he pinched his finger and came running to me and said "owie" and made me kiss it better.

He can blow his nose!!! Such a beautiful day. This morning he sneezed and some snot came out. He said "uh oh!" and ran to me and blew his nose at me.

He sleeps all through the night in his own big boy bunk bed. Praise the heavens.

When going to bed I'll say "time for prayers" and he'll sit up and fold his arms and stay quiet till I say amen, then he gets a big smile on his face and says "men"

In the morning when he's done with his breakfast shake, he sits on my lap and just hugs and cuddles me. He is such a snuggley little boy. When I lay down with him at bed or nap time, he rubs my arm and holds me close. Makes it hard for me to not to fall asleep.

This kid is truly amazing and smart and wonderful. Words cannot describe this little person I have been blessed with.