Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Please enjoy some pictures my friend, neighbor and visiting teacher took of my boys for Easter. They turned out sooo cute!

Monday, April 2, 2012

9 months in, 9 months out: Logan

**he is turning 10 months next week, but I typed this all out when he was still 9 months**

Can't believe my little baby boy is 9 months old!! He has now been his own person outside of my body, longer than it took to grow him. So weird.

He is:
19 pounds 38%tile
28.5 inches tall 56%tile
17.5 in head 68%tile

We sure love this little boy. He is funny and just wants to be involved. He's trying so hard to walk, but he hasn't even mastered crawling or even standing yet. He wants to be wherever Milo is, and doing whatever he is doing.
 He is awesome when it's time to go to sleep. I nurse him and lay him down still awake and he goes to sleep without a peep. Staying asleep at night... is a different story. He's getting better. I'm only getting up with him 2-3 times a night now. Compared to 4+ just a week or 2 ago, this is pretty good.

I still nurse him quite a bit, it's just so much easier and less messy than feeding him. He's becoming more independent with his food though, and is getting pretty good at feeding himself. He isn't a huge fan of baby food anyway. He loves carrots, green beans, apple sauce, yogurt, oatmeal and anything I'm eating.

He will kiss me on command most of the time. They are open mouthed, slimy, squishy kisses that end with him biting my lips.. pretty hard. sometimes I'm afraid I'm going to bruise!!

He still has no teeth. Some days I think they are slowly making their way through. He gets so grumpy and you can just tell how uncomfortable he is.

He has the most delicious rolls. I could eat him. His chunky bum. His rolly polly legs. His extra chin. MMM!

Some of his 6-9 month jammies still fit, but 12 month clothes have fit him best for almost a month now.

He LOVES to take bubble baths with his big brother. They sit and splash each other and share all the toys. I always sit logan in the back of the tub, with Milo in front, but by the time I get them out, they are both squished at the very front of the tub.

He still pulls himself around like a legless zombie. I wish he would just get on his hands and knees, or even walk! His poor arms get bright red carpet burns.

This kid is such a mamma's boy! He canNOT stand it when I leave his "bubble. Especially when he's teething. If I'm more than about 2 feet away from him, the world ends. He definitely has stranger danger and won't go to very many people very often. He's not really sure what he wants when I am holding him, though. He wants me to hold him, and to stand, and sit on my lap, and see what's going on behind me, and behind him, and to be crawling, and to be holding Milo. He's just a pretty busy kid.

He loves to dance and he tries pretty hard to clap, but it usually ends up in flapping his arms.

Milo is his best friend. Milo will stop what he's doing through out the day, just to give him a hug and a kiss or to hold him. When I'm holding him and Milo gets close, he leaps out of my lap just to touch Milo and grab him and hug him and kiss him (and pull his hair, and on his ears). Milo can get him to laugh so hard. Logan is pretty lucky to have such a great big brother.

He has been passi free for over a month now. Some days I really wish he would take one, but in the long run, I'm SO grateful he gave it up on his own (just like his brother)

Compare Logan 9 months to Milo at 9 months