Monday, March 30, 2009

pain = progress

Call me lazy, but I haven't worked out in... well, almost a year, and even then, I wasn't very good at going. I lack motivation. I need someone there, pushing me along. Doing it with me. I went for a "jog" with adam the other day. I made it 2 blocks and was tired, but jogged the 2 blocks back. I was pretty proud of myself, as pitiful as it was. Well, a friend of mine does her own boot camp work out twice a week. She invited me to go. (I can only make it once a week, but that's better than none right?!) I was super excited and nervous. When I work out, I tend to get whiny, but am always glad I went, just ask Tori ;). I think I did pretty well. I didn't do as well as Kim, but I did better than I thought I would. I ended up doing 2.25 miles (not all jogging, but most of it was heavier than I did, but I still kept up. She is pretty intense, and I like it. I don't really remember, but I think I may have whined a little too much, but Kim, i'm sorry if i did!! I'm glad you invited me to go! When we were done Saturday, I was sore, but not bad and then didn't even feel it the rest of the night. then Sunday morning, I got out of bed and almost fell over because my legs were so tired and achy and didn't want to hold my weight. My arms kill. Adam has to help me with my shirts. I can barely raise my arms past my shoulders. It's sad. I love it. No pain no gain right?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An itch I want to scratch

I have a very domestic itch lately. I want to scratch it. I want to satisfy it. Sadly, I can't bring myself to do them. I want to make curtains, and throw pillows, and a quilt for my bed. I want to paint every room a different color. I want to plant flowers in front of my house. Heck, I want to plant lots of flowers all around the house, i love them so much! I want to make myself dresses and skirts. I don't have a sewing machine, so I can't make my curtains, pillows, quilt or clothes. I don't own my house, so I can't/won't paint the walls. I just might plant flowers anyway. they are always pretty. We are looking into buying a house, so I don't really want to get most of that home decor stuff done anyway, just to move and find out it doesn't work in our new home. I wish the weather was warm so I could plant some flowers and scratch my itch a little.


I think today is wrong. I am working. Shouldn't I be home, cuddling up to Adam? Under blankets? With chocolate milk? and our kitties? watching lots and lots of tv? maybe take a nice long, hot bath? order take out? do NOTHING all day? That's the way today feels like it should be. But no, I have to be an adult and work, so does Adam. Then I have to do more grown up things like grocery shopping, laundry and dishes. Maybe tomorrow...

Monday, March 23, 2009


Adam and I got to go to Arizona so that our friend Jaren could see his family. I still can't find my camera battery charger, so I had to rely on my phone for pictures, but I didn't always have that with me because, well, a vacation isn't a vacation unless you ditch the phone.

Adam and I went through the Mesa Temple with some good friends from Scottsdale. It was so good to see them (again) and to go to the temple with them.

We had ice cream with a friend, Paige, that I met in Haiti. It was SO good to see her and catch up a little bit. I can't believe it's almost been 2 years since I was there. Crazy.

Speaking of Haiti. While I was there (in haiti), there was a boy, about 15, maybe 16, that fell in love with me. I'm not talking, a crush, I mean love. He told me that we were supposed to get married and have kids and that maybe we could when I got back to Haiti. After I left, he made a present for me and asked Paige to give it to me when she came back to the states. Well, she lives in AZ and i'm in Utah, so we don't see each other that often, but she took it anyway. So when I saw her, she gave me my gift (a beautifully made butterfly on a flower made out of the metal of an oil drum), and I asked how he was doing. Turns out that when he found out I was getting married, it really broke his heart, the other boys made fun of him and he decided he was going to become a priest and dedicate his life to the catholic church. Sad/Cute huh?

March 12 was Jarens birthday and our 6 months of being married mark. We celebrated by having dinner at my parents and I made a pretty dry zebra cake.

While we were in Arizona with his family, we went out to eat in celebration once again. They sang happy birthday and gave him balloons. This was how he wore his balloons.

On the drive home, we almost ran into the BIGGEST TUMBLEWEEDS EVER!!! We're driving along when Adam says "uh oh" and I look up just as these two HUGE tumbleweeds almost devour our car. They were each taller than the car and together were longer than the car. Adam sped up and missed them, but they almost drove us off the road. The unlucky car behind us did have to pull over to avoid being completely engulfed in them. This isn't the tumbleweed we came across, but this is how big they were!

We also ate at

One night we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse Grill. There was an older guy going around making balloon animals and flowers and such. he came to our table and made me a rose. While making it, he asked adam where he works and stuff like that. When he heard that Adam works at a treatment center for boys, he told us that when him and his wife first got married, him and his wife applied to work at a treatments center, her as a secretary, him as a mentor. He had wanted to become a counselor. The place told them only one of them could work there. They decided that she would be the one to work there. It was all Adam and I could do to keep from asking "well, what did you end up doing instead" but then we remembered "oh ya, you became the guy that walks around making balloon animals" how sad is that?

The drive home kinda sucked because of the storms Utah decided to give us. We didn't get home until 1a.m. because of them.

Adam also played football and basketball with Jaren and his friends. I finished my book. We got to sleep in and lay around for hours. Watched the sunset. Ate out a ton, and got to enjoy being just me and Adam, while jaren was with his family. Overall, fantastic trip. Too bad it had to come to an end.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So remember my previous post about the sweet World Wide Ward Cookbook? Well, there is going to be a Confessions of a Choco-holic cook event next Wednesday. It is FREE!! There will be a recipe swap, a cooking class and samples of different chocolate recipes for you to EAT!

Here is all the info you need about it. So come Wednesday and indulge yourself in CHOCOLATE!

“Confessions of a Chocoholic Cook” is a free cooking event in which
community members will be taught simple but tasty chocolate recipes from
author and cook Deanna Buxton.

The event will be held at the SCERA lobby (745 S. State St., Orem, UT) Wednesday, March 18, 2009 and
will begin at 7 p.m.

Some of the recipes that will be taught and demonstrated include Chocolate
Pancakes with Grandma's Syrup, Snickers Salad, “My Most Favorite Cake” and
Fudge Cookies.

The event’s recipes are based on the book Worldwide Ward Cookbook, which
features recipes from all over the world.

“Confessions of a Chocoholic Cook” is open to the general public, but those
who want to attend must RSVP by March 16 by emailing

Friday, March 6, 2009

Proud Day

Yesterday, I had the entire day off. I always feel so motivated when I have an entire day where I don't have to do anything. No prior commitments. No work. I get to plan my day the way I want it. I got SO much done!

I got ALL the laundry clean, folded and put away. That is kind of big for me. I usually get most of it clean and folded, then I start to cuddle with Adam and then I don't put any of it away and the last load in the dryer stays there till I do laundry the next week. Awful, I know. But, it's all done and away this time! What a good feeling.

As I have mentioned before, my mom is awesome. Besides the WWW Cookbook I mentioned last time, she also has 3 other books that she wrote. The teach you how to make and freeze 30 meals in one day. Maybe you knew that, maybe you didn't. Well, I've been to lots of the relief societies and such that she has taught. My mom has been doing it as long as I can remember. I have been out on my own for more than 3 years now. You would think that as the daughter of the author, I would have this down and done by now. Well, you would be thinking wrong. Yesterday with all my motivation, I picked out 5 assemble recipes and made a list of things I would need to make them. Coincidentally, my mom also needed to do some grocery shopping, so we went together. When we got home, we got to work and I am proud to say that after an hour in the kitchen, I now have 15 meals in my freezer. Now all I have to do is remember to take them out to thaw before I go to work. I made my mom real proud. Me too actually.

I also hung up a few pictures finally as well. Hooray for motivated days off!

P.S. I can't find my battery charger for my camera, so I am low on pics until it is found.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

World Wide Ward Cookbook

Have you seen this book around? Maybe seen it on TV, or at Deseret Book, or Seagull Book and Tape, or even at Costco? Have you looked closely at it? Did you notice the name at the bottom? Did it click that the author and my mom have the same name? Oh wait, it IS my mom!! This book is SO awesome. It is full of recipes from members all across the world. Many of them even have stories to go along with them. If you do see the book (buy it) you can find ME in there. Picture and everything. Everyone that submitted a recipe that made it in the book, got a FREE copy.

Now you're thinking "man, too bad I missed out on that". Fret not!! It is not too late. They are doing another one. A Christmas one. The deadline is soon though. They want to have all of the recipes by April 7th!! Soon, I know. But how long does it take to type out your favorite Christmas recipe. Not long, that's how long. Click here to submit a recipe. They want as many recipes for the Christmas book so tell your friends, tell your family, tell... EVERYONE!! We want to get this passed as FAR as we can, so please pass it as far as you can. Don't miss out on this one!! If your recipe makes it into the book, you will get YOUR OWN COPY!! Don't forget! Don't put it off! Do it now!!

I know it's a little late to post this, but hey, better late than never, plus you never know who will read this before 10am. Good things Utah on Channel 4 will be interviewing my mom at 10 a.m. She will tell you all how fabulous the book really is. So again.

March 5th
Channel 4
10 a.m. MST
Worldwide Ward Cookbook