Sunday, July 26, 2009


This last weekend, Adam and I decided to take off for the weekend. Boise is one of our favorite places to go, so off we went. My sister has a friend in Boise, so we let her tag along so she could meet up with her friend. We floated the Boise River Friday afternoon. The river was wide and deep enough and not too cold. it was so much fun to just sit back and relax in our kayak as we floated down the beautiful river.

If you didn't know, we are Boise State fans. So when we found out they were letting people do self tours, we knew we had to go. I think there were 5 points on the self tour, but we only made it to the Blue Turf, which is all we really cared about anyway.
point one is at the Bronco Shop
point two is the hall of fame. in the showcase is the football from the amazing fiesta bowl game.

This is Adam doing a 40 yard dash. I love the excited little boy you can see in him in the last picture.
Adam is so proud to say he's from Boise. I learn more about him every time we go there. It's so fun to see him get so giddy every time we go back. I love him :)

Bear Lake

Every summer, Adams family and extended family go to Bear Lake for a week. There are lots of of people, lots of food, lots of water toys and lots of fun.

This is my nephew Blake. He six and awesome on the knee-board.
Blake was our flag boy. Such a cute boy!
Adam rocked the slolam. This year was his first try and he caught on quick
My FAVORITE shot!! I was taking a picture and caught it just right. hahaha i laugh ever time :)
Adam also tried out surfing. he, of course, did an awesome job!
I water skiied. i haven't been in 10 years, but i think i did pretty well and got up on my second try.
Adam doing a back dive
No water trip is complete without pulling someone in :)
CUTE babies!! the top 3 are my nephew crew, and the other baby is Adams cousins baby, Dawson. Cutest babies!! Babies look so funny and uncomfortable in lifejackets. Crew looks so big, sitting there all by himself in a life jacket. and i LOVE the look on crews face when we put Dawson next to him. love these babies.
His tounge was out for like, .024 seconds, and i caught it. such a cute baby
Check out this awesome sand castle Landen (8) built!!
My sister in law Lauren surfin'. She's so cute (and single ;) )
When we got back from boating, we found Landen pulling a couple younger kids, my (super cute) niece Savannah included, around the shallow end of the lake.

Fourth of July

We spent the fourth of July relaxing and taking it easy. We let the kitties play outside for the first time at the new house. They weren't too sure about it at first, but adapted quickly and loved it. when they are outside, i feel like i am watching two 2 year olds. "get back here!" "don't eat that!" "don't play in the road!" but they love to be outside
Cuddle/nap time after playing outside
That night my family came over for a BBQ and fireworks in the street. Sam and Adam were in charge of keeping them going. I don't think either of them cared too much about watching them, all they cared about was pyro end of things

They saved the bst for last. One that goes up in the sky and goes boom. The tube we used couldn't stand on its own, so Same and Adam had to hold it up. The put it down the tube and waited. after a couple seconds, adam realized it wasn't going up and he needed to get out of there. Sam stood there looking up and waiting. we all yelled for him to get out, he let go and started running just as it went BOOM! right in my front yard. it was so scary! it was one of those big ones that go boom in the sky. it went boom in my yard. thankfully no one was hurt.


Adam and I invested in some nice shelving in our garage. very worth it. now we can stay more organized (fingers crossed).


When we moved, we borrowed a trailor from a friend of ours. The garage we had, was a little one car garage. plus it had cabinets on one side and a bunch of junk on the other. we wanted to back the trailor into the garage. Adam backed the HUGE 20+ foot trailor into the tiny one car garage FIRST TRY!! he did so good. these pictures don't do justice the tiny space he had to work with. there was no more than 6 inches between the wheel and the edge. He's so good :)

While i was packing up, the kitties decided to help me. every single box i opened, one of the cats would jump in, and they wouldn't get out. at one point, minnie wouldn't get out of the box, walked around, and it fell off the table and she STILL wouldn't get out. silly kitties.
neither cat wanted me to pack or clean. when i was cleaning the tub, camper would first paw at me until i gave her attention, then i'd go back to cleaning the tub and she would start nibbling my leg until i paid attention to her again. they are like kids!

Ketchup time!!

It's time to "ketchup"! i am pretty behind on staying posted, but now, i will catch everything up!