Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Cards!


No, I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving. I have kid/baby hand turkeys on my walls, and Thanksgiving decorations up. However, it's not too late to start thinking ahead. Getting as much ready as you can so you can really enjoy the Holiday with your family instead of being stressed out and doing everything last minute.

Well, I can help in the Christmas Card department! For a limited time, I am selling Christmas Card designs starting at $5! You can take them and print them where ever you want OR you can save some more money and send them to all your friends and family via email!

Please, tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell everyone! This is a great deal, you can't miss out!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a success! I thought it was going to be a dud. Adam is sick, I didn't want to take the kids trick or treating alone, no one in the neighborhood was even home, Logan's costume smelled like spit up plus Milo wouldn't even wear the costume I spent hours making for him. We were just sitting around handing out candy to the trick or treaters that did come around. I noticed their bags and buckets were decently filled early on, so I decided to get my sorry bum off the couch, dress up the kids and go out any way. Who cares if Milo didn't want to wear all of his costume, every kid needs to go trick or treating! So I put them both in the stroller and off we went.

Milo did SO good. I was so impressed with him. He caught on to the trick or treat idea pretty quick. He would knock on the door, show his great big smile, say "Hi! Tee teeeet!" then before leaving "denks!(thanks) buh bye!". He was every ones favorite, I just know it. Logan just hung out in the stroller and did so good too.

In the three rows of townhomes (just our ward) there were only about 9-12 people home and handing out candy, but it was just the right amount for us, and it sure made me happy to take my boys out. When we got home we parked Milo in front of Shrek Halloween with a sucker and he's been one happy camper.

Halloween morning my mom and I took the kids to Gardner Village. The drive up was no fun, but once we were up there we had fun. We didn't go in many shops, but we let Milo run around and look at the witches. His favorite were the ducks at the pond :)

 one of Logan smiling
 Milo is yelling at the ducks "NNNNNNO!"
 he loves his brother :)

 "deese!" (cheese)
 my cute, happy baby cow

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Aren't these the cutest crying kids you've ever seen

4 Months

I can't believe he's only and already 4 months old. He is such a big boy and so much fun. He smiles and laughs all the time and just loves getting as much attention as he can get. He loves his big brother and always watches him and smiles; you can tell he really wants to be able to play with him. Milo also loves his baby brother and is very protective of him. Logan is just such a sweet little boy.

We took him to the doctor yesterday and he had to get shots. He wasn't very happy about getting pricked with the needle, but once I nursed him he was fine and even happy. That evening his legs bothered him quite a bit, it was so sad and I couldn't give him any more tylenol. Today he is back to his happy smiley self :)

Here are his stats
weight: 14.84 lbs  50.16%tile
length: 25 inches   54.27%tile
head: 16.3 inches  26.7%tile

Compared to the rest of the boys his age he is average, but compared to his big brother he is a chunk :)

The doctor said his head is looking flatter than he would like, but not flat enough for a helmet. yet. If next visit it's any worse then he'll probably recommend a helmet. Then he put Logan on his tummy. Now, I haven't done a ton of tummy time with him. I didn't with Milo either. He has, and always has had, a strong neck. He sits in his bumbo lots and plays in his baby entertainment center lots, so I haven't been too worried. Plus, when I put him on his tummy he just kind of looks silly, gets really frustrated and just over all doesn't do tummy time right... see?

so the doctor put him on his tummy and he buried his face into the table and kicked and pushed with his legs, pushing his face further into the table. So that combined with the flattening head, he said Logan needs LOTS of tummy time. Like, 20 times a day. As much as I can keep him on his tummy. Well apparently Logan is a good listener like his brother. That night we put him on his tummy and he was pro. Held his head up nice and high, looked around, grabbed at his toys, he even pushed himself up and straitened his arms. No fussing for a long time. It was like he does it all the time. Such a good boy :)

Yesterday we gave him solid food for the first time. I gave him rice and apples cereal. He LOVED it. Once he figured out he had to open his mouth to get the food, I couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough. I started with only a little bit, just in case he didn't like it, so when I went to get some more, he got SO mad. He was snorting and shaking his head trying to get me to feed him faster. When he finished all of it, I tried to nurse him to top off his tummy, but that just made him mad, he wanted more cereal. silly boy!

Since birth, he has always wanted to sit up. If you sit him up he wants to sit up more. Lay him down and he pulls his head up and tries his very hardest to sit up. Today, I sat him up and he stayed! He's still wobbly, and if he gets too excited he'll throw himself backwards or fall to the side, but he's doing pretty dang good for being able to sit like this is at 4 months!

Overall, he's a great little kid. Full of smiles and giggles, chill, ok to be on his own but loves to be held loved and cuddled. Now if only he would sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time at night...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Logan - almost 3 months

My baby is getting so big. He is almost 3 months now, and you guys don't even really know him. Poor Logan. Being a mom to 2 {fantastic} kids is hard, tiring and makes for a very busy life.

Logan is a little chunker. He has thighs you can't help but squeeze. He has an ever present second chin that just rests on his chest.

He has the cutest stick strait, fuzzy, stand up, blond hair. It's getting longer, but doesn't lay down on his head. ohmygoodness it's so cute!! (I hear it's just like his daddy's was)

Like his big brother, he almost never spits up, unless you don't burp him and then shake him up... but who wouldn't after that.

For the first 2 months he was a little fussy. He's getting much better, and we're all starting to understand each other a little better. Don't get me wrong, he's a great baby. Milo almost NEVER cried, so it just took some getting used to, having a baby that actually CRIED when he was hungry or needed a diaper changed, instead of whimper.

This kid loves his food. like his brother, he's a very fast eater, like 10 minutes tops. UNlike his brother, he needs to eat often. up until about a week or 2 ago, he needed to eat every HOUR. day AND night. I was a milk cow. I tried getting him to eat more, but it just wasn't happening. He's starting to be able to go 2 and sometimes 3 hours between feeding.

He's getting better at sleeping. Not as good as a lot of my friends babies, but REALLY good for him. Like I said, he was eating every hour day and night. Now, for the most part he'll sleep stretches that last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Every once in a while he'll sleep more, like the other night he slept a 5.5 hour stretch. It was pretty awesome.

He is such a happy little dude, with great big, open mouthed, full gummed, full face smiles.

He's a talker. He likes to talk to me during his meals through out the day. He'll stop eating and just look up and, I like to think, thanks me for the wonderful meal. He loves to talk to people though and completely lights up when you pay attention to him.

He giggles. It's such a sweet little giggle and I love it. He's been trying so hard for weeks to do it, and in the past couple days he has been able to get a few out. I recorded it yesterday. Oh my goodness. It's so cute.

He does NOT give warning when his mood changes. He will be talking, smiling and even giggling at you and BAM he's crying. he's suddenly starving and needs food NOW. or, he's now tired and wants to be put to sleep.

He's not a super cuddly baby (like milo IS). he likes to be in his swing or on his play mat, or pretty much anywhere, but on his own. He's starting to like to be held more often, and I love it. It does help me to be able to get more stuff done/take care of a 16 month old.

He loves to be outside and will instantly calm down once you take him out.

He LOVES his big brother. He will just sit and stare and smile at Milo while Milo plays. It's pretty sweet.

Milo looked (looks) so much like Adam. I didn't think a baby could look more like his dad. and then came Logan. He looks JUST LIKE Adam as a baby, and now!! I have a picture of Adam at 3 months with a great big smile that looks like it could be Logan. I'll work on getting it scanned and posted as proof. in case you don't believe me ;)

This little boy is such a perfect addition to our family. He is just so cute and squishy and kissable and sweet. mmm he is delicious. and I love him.