Monday, January 16, 2012


 I started this post back in the beginning of September. Logan was 3 months, Milo was 16 months.
Milo loves his baby brother. Logan loves his big brother. Logan will just sit and stare and smile while he watches Milo play. I can tell he wants to play with him. Milo has always loved his brother.

He likes to hold him for a few seconds at a time, then pushes him away when he's done. Lately he's been asking (pwees? with arms out) to hold him more often.

He's starting to notice that he can make logan smile, and i'll catch him in Logan's face "hhiiiiieeee!" He also tries to be where ever Logan is. He'll climb in the swing, bouncer or play mat and get right up next to him. Since he's only 16 months, he doesn't really understand how to be soft, so I really have to watch him and keep Logan above his reach.

The other day Milo went in the mud room, grabbed the car seat, dragged it into the living room in front of the swing, then tried to pull Logan out.

If Milo has food, he'll try to share with Logan. The other day I caught him trying to feed him chips.

In the car, I have their car seats right next to each other. When Logan starts crying, Milo will reach over and hold his hand. He is so gentle and it usually calms Logan down. Melts my heart!

Logan and Milo are only about 7 pounds apart, and are really just about the same size, so it's really funny to watch him try to pick up Logan

Since then, a lot has changed and stayed the same. They love each other and want to play with each other. Milo will just lay next to him and watch his shows while holding logans hand.

He is always aware of what Logan is doing and makes sure he gets some of whatever he has, food, toys, drinks.

Milo hears Logan wake up way before I do. Like just now he started talking about Logan, I told him he was asleep and then I heard Logan cry.

They are still close in size. Logan is around 18 pounds, Milo is around 22/23. Logan is bigger around than Milo.

Now that Logan is bigger, Milo can play more with Logan. I still have to watch, but Milo likes to sit on logan and play with his arms. Logan loves it.

We all like to play patt a cake, sing itsy bitsy spider and do piggies with our toes. Milo loves it all, but isn't satisfied until Logan does it all too.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Logster

Logan is 7 months old. He is my buddy. We do everything together. He loves me best. Ok, he loves his daddy and brother too :). He is a happy, social little guy. He doesn't like to be left out of anything. If possible he needs to be in on everything.
He gives some pretty great kisses. They are very aggressive. He grabs me with both hands as tight as he can and goes in for the big, open mouthed, slobbery kiss. If he's especially happy his head shakes back and forth while slimming up my face and neck. Oh how I love it

He is still my little chunky monkey. Chunky compared to Milo. Milo never had chunky squishy thighs, cheeks, an extra chin or even a slightly squishy belly. Logan is in the 50%tile range for most of his stats. He's an average baby, but compared to the first, he's chunky and squishy.
 He loves to talk and is getting more sounds in. He growls at things that he wants and are out of his reach. and people. They usually growl back which makes his day

He is excellent at going to sleep. when he's tired, I just wrap him up tight, kiss his squishy cheeks, pop the plug in and lay him in his crib. that's it. No training, he's just done that since birth. It's amazing. Staying asleep... is a different story. he is usually up every 2-5 hours. when his teeth are making their way up it's more like every 45 to 90 minutes. I'm pretty exhausted a lot of the time. He takes three 1 - 1.5 hour naps. I get him and Milo to nap at the same time so if I need I can nap too, or just have some time to myself.

He is pro at rolling. He doesn't roll to get around, I think it's more out of boredom or to reach a toy. so far no rolling across the room. Milo never did. He is pretty close to scooting though. He can spin round and round in circles. Tank really likes him and will plop down practically on him to get close. When I'm not looking, Logan will roll (just one roll) to get closer to tank and will either suck on his ears or grab at his face (lips, tongue, eyes) and tank just takes it.

He still isn't great at sitting up yet. He can, but he would rather be standing. Or, he'll get really excited and throw himself back.

He still loves to eat. He loves anything with fruit. He HATED carrots. wouldn't even bring his tongue in his mouth. sweet potatoes were ok. For the most part I give him the veggies mixed with fruit so he will actually eat them.

He LOVES his big brother. he watches him play all day and loves it when Milo comes to play with him. He wants so badly to follow him around and do what he does. I love it when they play and laugh together. it's seriously the best thing ever.

He likes to be held. He's not much of a cuddler, but he is happiest sitting on your lap.

Still no teeth. every few weeks he will have all the signs of teething, except for the bumps and swelling on his gums. it's so sad. You can tell he's so miserable and wants so bad to be happy, but he just can't hold back the tears sometimes.

It took him a little bit, but he loves doing tricks with his daddy. He loves to show off and he has the biggest, gummy open mouth smile while performing.
not sure what's going on with this picture. weird angle? weird timing? whatever it is it's hilarious

Oh how I love his great big smile. He smiles with his whole face and body. His hair is getting longer but it still sticks up and out. Adam says we need to cut it, but I love it and don't want to.

He is such a great little boy and the perfect addition to our family. I can't believe he is already 7 months old!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mr. Smarty Pants

**disclaimer, this is a (long) list of how awesome my kid is. If you're sick of lists of awesomeness, tough, it's more for me than you anyway ;) If you want to know how awesome my kid is, read on and feel free to tell me how great he is :)

Milo is probably, hands down, the smartest kid ever. He seriously amazes me the things he says and does and remembers.

His recent favorite book is But No Elephants. He will request it when I ask if he wants to read a book. Yesterday he picked it up and started reading it to himself. It went something like this "awint, no! no no awint! no! no no no!"

Lately he asks himself and other the questions we ask him all the time. Like this morning while watching the intro to Mickey "ah dat? es dao! ah dat? es dessy!" (who's that? it's donald! who's that? it's daisy!) and so on with all the characters.

He does the same with colors, but it's less understandable to just about anyone. He points at stuff and says something like "eh couwa? es lello!" He knows most of his colors without any help. He is better at picking out the color I ask, but a lot of the time he can also correctly tell you what color something is. Most things start out as yellow. I think it's his favorite word to say.

He has started counting things, sort of... he'll point to things "doo, dwee, fis, nine" (2,3,5,9). I think Mickey is to blame for getting us started on colors and numbers. When Mickey and gang are doing colors, so is he, when they do numbers, he counts too.

He puts together little sentences. "I gotchoo!" "mom! look! a ball!" "mamma, i sawy" "i got it!" "there it is"

when he gets hurt he says sorry. it's so cute and sweet and you can't help but hug and kiss him. with a sad face, holding his head "mamma, i sawy. head bump"

He talks like crazy. "mom" and "watch" are said close to 300 million times a day. usually together.

I think I'm going to start potty training him in the next few weeks. He can tell me when he needs to go (usually has gone) number one and number two. He has made it a several times over the past few months.

He is the best big brother. He is so protective and helpful with him. he can always find me a passi, a blanket, his socks, shoes or a toy. when we're with other kids and someone takes a toy that is logans, not even always away from logan, milo will take it away from the kid and give it back to logan. If kids get to close to his brother, he makes sure to get them to back off. We're working on sharing, but for being only 20 months, I think he does a pretty good job. If I reason with him he'll give a toy back that he took, or will play with the kid with his toy. usually...

He bosses his dog around more than ever. They are best friends. They play all day every day. They love each other. Tank is still a puppy so I get pretty frustrated with him, especially since he won't listen to me unless I yell at him. When I'm telling tank to go potty, if I have to tell him multiple times, Milo will come to me with a look of "I guess I'll get him to do it since you can't", stick his head out the door and yell "pawEe! tank! pawEe! PAWEEEEE!" or when I tell tank to lay down it's almost always followed with "lay lom!" from my little helper. He's bossy to tank, but he is also very sweet and playful with him.

He legitimately helps me unload the dishwasher now. It takes a lot longer than if I did it myself, but he does help. He hands me all the silverware, one piece at a time. he can put away his plates, bowls and cups. He hands me all the dishes from the dishwasher and if I skip a time saying thank you, he'll say it for me.

He is so polite. Half the time I don't even have to tell him to say thank you (dee doop). The other day someone opened the door for us and he thanked them before even I could. He is (usually) quick to say sorry, especially when he is the one hurt. Today he started saying you're welcome. After he asked nicely (pwees) to watch mickey, he said "ececome" (you're welcome).

he has some Melissa & Doug puzzles that he loves to do. At first he would put the pieces on the right spot, but it was usually upside down or crooked. Yesterday he started twisting the pieces until they fit in the space.

He knows all of his animal sounds, and a lot by sight.

He knows all his body parts. hair, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly, fingers, hands, bum, legs, feet, toes

he has started to be a good little eater. His favorite foods are definitely hot dogs (dotdog) waffles (aha) and milk (moak), but he'll eat just about anything. He is kind of particular though. If he doesn't feel like eating it, he won't, so I usually go through his options and let him pick.

He is in nursery now. We're still warming up to it. He is a big mamma's boy, so Adam drops him off, but he almost always starts crying and clinging to him before they are even through the door. Sometimes Adam stays with him and practices going and coming back, to show him that we will, in fact, come back for him. In the end, it usually takes a few minutes of crying before he forgets and wants to play with the toys and kids. His little girlfriend Rylee is in there, so it makes things a tiny bit easier for him. He walks around the whole time saying her name "lylee". When i go pick him up he is always happy and playing and having fun.

The past month he has been sleeping through the night. hallelujah! It was pretty tough on me there for a bit. When Logan was first born, Milo would get up 1-3 times a night and Logan was up every hour. Even if Adam went in with Milo, it still woke me up, and half the time I had to wake up adam. Logan started getting better at sleeping, but it was still hard. when Milo was 6 months we let him cry it out and he slept through the night off and on till he was about a year, then it stopped and it was hit and miss until about thanksgiving. Now I am happy to say he sleeps in his own bed all night until 8 or 9. praise the heavens above.

He is such a smart, sweet, cuddly, caring, fun, obedient little boy. I seriously don't know how we lucked out with him. love that kid past mud mars