Monday, August 20, 2012

Vegas in March

This past March we took the boys on a needed vacation to Las Vegas. We got a good deal on hotel with a full kitchen and separate room. It was awesome to be able to cook a little and be able to put the boys down in one room and still be able to hang out. We did a lot of nothing, but not as much nothing as Adam and I like to do on our vacations. BUT that's what happens when you have kids, lots less sitting around doing pure nothing. We had lots of fun though.
We ate dougnuts

they spent most of the time under the sink. hours of fun, makes sense right?? 

there was a park right across the parking lot that we spent a bunch of time at

We spent a whole evening laughing and splashing at the pool. We had to drag Milo back to the room when he couldn't stop shaking and his lips were blue

and we spent lots of time on the potty. This was just barely a month after he was potty trained

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